Hello! it's me and my big family

Baby Elia is our #4. She didn't want to be on the picture. 


4 years ago I started this blog with one purpose: writing reviews and posts about things that dads and men are interested in. I write about skincare products, fashion, technology and the latest trends in monthly subscription boxes. My reviews are honest and I always tell you the + and the -  about a product or service.  

Working with me

Do you want me to review a product or an event? I have worked with the following companies: Just for men, Le Petit Ballon, TopBox, My Geek Box, Cornerstone, Fit Skincare etc....

The audience of Dapperandgroomed.com is growing every month. With an audience of 4000-5500 unique readers every month and 86% of male readers, this unique blog is perfect for launching a new product or to promote your company. I don't update my blog on a daily basis because quality is more important than quantity. Also I work very hard on SEO and rank in the 1st page on Google for each review I publish.

I currently review products for free as I am building more content to duplicate the audience of dapperandgroomed.com. If you would like me to review your products, services or events please contact me: jraffin@me.com

About me

  • My name is Jerome, I am 45 years old, French and I live in Bristol with my British wife (together for 20 years!). I love technology and I can say I definitely have a bit of a geeky side. I love watching videos on Youtube. I am a big fan of the British countryside and the beautiful seaside in the South West of England (my dream is to live in the Cotswolds or in Cornwall!). I am an espresso addict and love spending quality time with my wife in a cafe.

  • Favourite TV Shows: Casual, Mozart in the Jungle, The Big Bang Theory, The Middle, Mindy Project, Modern Family, Girls, Please Like Me.

  • Favourite movie: Lost in Translation.