Devon Cliffs Haven Holidays 2019 Full Review


This year in March we went on holiday to Devon Cliffs, and we liked it so much that we are going back in August. Here are the reasons why we love it so much there and keep going back! Let’s start our Devon Cliffs Haven Holidays Review 2019!


We live in South Gloucestershire (North Bristol) in a market town called Thornbury and it takes us around 2 hours to drive to Devon Cliffs. The motorway ends at Exeter then you have an A road up to Devon Cliffs. This Haven Holiday Caravan Park is located on the top of a hill and it is built all around the gorgeous beach of Sandy Bay. The location is just amazing, and the park is beautifully laid out. We have been on holiday to other Haven Holiday parks but this one really feels like the perfect place for a family holiday.

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Amazing facilities

Starbucks at Devon Cliffs.JPG

Devon Cliffs is a massive holiday park and there are plenty of facilities for families. We love the Starbucks located next to the Supermarket, and toy/souvenir shop. The supermarket has plenty of choice of food and drinks at affordable prices (but there is also a huge Lidl located approx 10 minutes drive from the park). Inside the amusement area you will find a Burger King, Fish and Chips, Papa John Pizzas, a sports Pub and of course plenty of games to do at the arcade. You also have the huge entertainment venue (more on that in a minute), and on the first level you have the main restaurant Mash & Barrel and another Entertainment Bar (where adult only Bingo takes place).

Mash and Barrel Devon Cliffs.JPG

There are so many things to do outside too! Huge indoor and outdoor pool with some great slides for the family, Millies Cookies (always great after swimming! - Yes, forget the diet while at Devon Cliffs!), a Sports Area for Football, Archery etc…), a nice Sandy park for the kids, then more to do further down on the way to the beach: Adventure Park, Rock Climbing, park, beach club and of course the path to the beach! Honestly you can’t get bored! That’s probably the reason why we come back every year.

FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT: It’s a 10/10 for us!

My wife and I worked as Holiday Entertainers in Spain….many years ago, so we know how important entertainment is for families. The team is fantastic, full of energy, always helpful and great fun to be around! Most of the team was there last year, so we were very pleased to see them again this year.

Daytime activities are a bit limited (probably due to the large choice of Haven outdoor activities), but we had great fun with crafts and games for the little ones. Elia had great fun with Anxious (the pink elephant!) at the sensory morning, but this year we really had a great time at the picnic in the park with Rory the Tiger and the entertainment team!


The evening entertainment is great fun for the whole family. It starts early though (around 6pm) so you have to be early to queue if you want some seats. The kids disco is good fun and our little ones love it. Then every evening there is a mini show with the Haven Holiday Characters (our favourites..Anxious, and DJ Ned). The music bingo is great fun too, and you can win (we won twice) a teddy/character of your choice. Then it’s time for party games and somehow we always end up on the stage!

We have to talk about this amazing beach: Sandy Bay

One last thing we have to mention about Devon Cliffs is the beach. It is just stunning, and it is a really great place for a lovely family day out. We love this sandy beach, and we always have a lot of fun when we go there. Don’t forget to stop to the toilet on your way down…because it is a long way to go back up from the beach (trust us on that one!)

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I hope you have enjoyed this post and if you want to find more about prices, go to Haven Holidays website. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram. As mentioned at the beginning of the post we are going back to Devon Cliffs Haven Holidays at the end of August! We will keep you informed with daily posts!