Toppbox June 2018-Full Review


Every month on around the 15th, I receive the latest edition of Toppbox. If you don’t know what Toppbox is, it’s pretty simple: this is the only monthly grooming box for men in the UK. It costs £19 and you receive a box packed full of skincare products for men (value of +/- £70+)

Last month Toppbox was great, and probably one of the best so far. But this month (spoiler alert) it’s even better! So lets have a look at what's inside and what I think about the products. This is my review of Toppbox June 2018.

1. The Hungover Coffee Scrub by Optiat


The first product included is from Optiat and it’s a body scrub with potent peppermint and coffee beans (collected from coffee shops around London). This stuff is really powerful in lots of ways: it smells amazing and after using it my skin feels really soft. First you will need to go in  the shower, then when you are wet all over you can apply on the arms, legs, torso, back and even bum, but I don't recommend using it on your face. I promise you will find this product amazing and I recommend using it in the morning because the fragrance is really fresh and powerful so it will wake you up that's for sure! Please note if you are the first person using the shower in the morning, don’t forget to give a good clean after using The Hungover Coffee Scrub Potent Peppermint by Optiat because your bath or shower will be full of black paste (mix of coffee beans and scrub). Use twice a week!

2. Monuskin for Men: new skin scrub-Facial scrub. £18.50

I use a face wash 5 times a week in the mornings, then twice a week (normally Wednesday and Sunday) I use a face scrub for a much needed extra cleansing. So I was excited to find this one from Monuskin for men. I didn't know the brand before and that's what I like about Toppbox, you have the chance to discover some great products. This New Skin Scrub from Monuskin for men didn’t disappoint me. This is definitely  a strong face scrub, so you can expect a really smooth and clean face after use. This scrub smells nice and I recommend it once or twice a week before shaving.  

3. Seven Potions: Woodland Harmony Beard Shampoo £10.97


I have a short beard so I don't use a beard shampoo on a regular basis. But I gave it a try as I read a lot of good things about Seven Potions. The fragrance is super fresh and nice, it's made of organic ingredients, and it cleans very well. I used it and I love the result, but as I said this is perfect for men with longer beards. But I can definitely see why The Beard Shampoo Woodland Harmony by Seven Potions has so many great reviews.

4. Fit Pit Peppermint natural deodorant. £3.00


When you think about deodorant the first thing that comes to mind is a deodorant spray, roll-on or stick. So to be honest, at first I didn’t know what to think about this natural deodorant that comes in a little jar. I tried it to see if it really works. So, how to apply, and does it really work? First you need to know that this natural deodorant is full of organic ingredients which is good for the skin. You have to apply a pea sized amount and rub it under your arm pit, then repeat for the other one! I used it yesterday on a very hot day here in Bristol and it actually worked very well. No bad odours under there, and no sweat either. I am not the kind of man that sweats a lot so I don't know if it will work if you are the type of guy with sweat patches under your shirt when it is over 20 degrees!  Next week we should have a mini heatwave so I will use it and keep you updated!


5. Henry LLoyd: Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15

I am sure a lot of men will think 'tinted moisturiser for men, really?' My answer is 'yes, and why not!' So how does this Tinted Moisturiser from Henry Lloyd work? Honestly it is very similar to any other standard moisturiser that you apply on your face as part of skincare routine. It has SPF 15 which is good to protect the skin from the sun. As a moisturiser it works well. Now let’s talk about the “tinted” part of this moisturiser. Don’t worry, this is not like a foundation for women, it is very lightly tinted (almost not noticeable) and it helps to cover imperfections, but it will gradually (a little bit more everyday) give you a bit of a tan. This looks very natural so you don’t have to worry and you can use it in total confidence (you won't look orange!). I want to like this product because the idea is great, but in my honest opinion this is a bit of a half baked product: it's not the best moisturiser and the tinted part of it is really light and when I apply it my skin doesn't feel that moisturised. I read very good reviews on Amazon about this product so probably this is to do with my skin, but this is not really for me.


And this month you get a free tie with the Toppbox June 2018.
Hooray there is something extra this month and it’s a nice black tie designed specially for Toppbox by Howard Matthews Co. It’s a nice and stylish tie and a lovely gift. 

Final thoughts

As every month it's a pleasure to receive Toppbox and to try new products. For sure some of the products will be added to my daily skincare products. At £19 it offers a tremendous value and I highly recommend it. Have a look at their website and if you don't like it you can cancel at anytime. 


The +++

This month my favourite products are the body scrub by Optiat and the natural deodorant from Fit Pit! Really amazing products


The ---

This month, Toppbox is one of the best so far, but I didn't like the Henry Lloyd Tinted Moisturiser very much. It's not a great product for my type of skin. 

Disclaimer: I received this Toppbox for free for review purposes. However the opinion expressed in this blog is mine, and as always I am trying to give an honest review about it!