5 Best Men's Moisturisers in 2018


After my previous post about the best Men’s Face Wash, it is now time to find out what are the best moisturisers for men in 2018.
I am here to help you and I have a list of really great moisturisers for men and they are all affordable (under £20).

BullDog Oil Control Moisturiser

With Bull Dog Skincare for men you can’t really go wrong. This Moisturiser is made with natural ingredients, it is vegan friendly and your skin will look great if you have any issues with oily skin. The Bull Dog Oil Control Moisturiser is available on Amazon and Mankind.

L'Oreal Soothing Birch Sap Moisturiser


I am not a huge fan of L'Oreal Men Expert but this product is really great. It leaves my skin soft, matte, and really fresh. It is specially designed for sensitive skin so it doesn't contain alcohol and colourants. Tip: For best results first use the Face Wash from the same range! This is one of my new favourite moisturisers for men. Available on Amazon

The Shave Doctor Moisturazor


If you are serious about moisturising, this cream from The Shave Doctor offers intense care for your skin. Your skin will be soft and will look great, and if you prefer a thicker cream that perfectly covers your face, this one is ideal. The Shave Doctor is not easy to find, but Amazon is always a great place. 

Johnnys Chop Shop: Soul Balm


Johnny's Chop Shop is a well known brand here in the UK thanks to their excellent hair style products for men and they also have a small range of skincare products. The Soul Balm works as an all-in-one moisturiser/after shave balm. You apply the cream after your daily shave and you are done. This balm is more on the thin side (a bit like Nivea After Shave Balm). I use this Face Balm often and I never get any irritations or nasty spots. This is a great product and it's perfect if you want an easy skin care routine in the morning! Available on Amazon

Nomad's Natural: Creme 100% Natural & Vegan


I received this product in December (for review purposes) and I have been using it almost on a daily basis. This cream is really great. First it is made with natural ingredient (use within 3 months after opening) and is 100% Vegan, so if you are Vegan this moisturising cream is perfect! The Nomad's Creme is the thickest cream of all of them, but it leaves your skin nicely moist, soft and it smells really great too. In fact I use it more as a body cream (Face and Body) because it is so good. This is definitely one of my favourite moisturising creams. It is high in unrefined shea butter (antioxidant) so if it's cold the creme might be harder than usual but it  will soften as soon as you apply it. This is the most expensive of all the products but trust me it's worth it. And if you order now from their website you get a 50% discount! £16.00 at Nomad's Natural.