5 Christmas Geeky Gifts for Dads

Let’s admit it! All dads and guys have a geek side and that’s what makes us so lovable! We all know the saying “boys will be boys!” so if your’re looking for a Christmas Gift for the dad or man in your life, this ultimate Geeky gift guide is a great place to start.

super nintendo classic mini console with 21 games


If like me you are from the generation of Super Nintendo or Sega Mega Drive you will absolutely love this Super Nintendo Mini Console. It has 21 pre-installed games and comes with two classic Super Nintendo Controllers. Get ready to go back to the 90’s and enjoy some fun time with Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda. Available on Amazon UK.

electronic laser tag set £34.99

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Fancy a some fun time with the kids, or with other dads? Laser Tag is always a winner, and this set is perfect for hours of fun! It’s available at Menkind and it will cost you only £34.99. This Electronic Laser Tag Set could be a winner this Christmas!

best dad in the galaxy t-shirt


Daddies love Star Wars, that’s a fact. So why don’t you celebrate the biggest Star Wars fan of the house with this amazing T-Shirt! It is available on Amazon and it’s only for the best daddies in the galaxy!

google home hub £139 @ john lewis


2018 is the year of Smart Home and Google is betting a lot with this Google Home Hub. A tablet with Google Assistant to help you manage your days, answering questions, look at your pictures, watch Youtube and listen to the latest tunes. The Google Home Hub is a perfect present for the geek and tech dad! Available at John Lewis for £139.00

back to the future phone case £14.99


Back to the Future is probably one of the best movies of our time, and this phone case is a perfect geek gift for dads. It is available for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy. It costs £14.99 and you can buy it at Popinabox.co.uk

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