Best Men's fragrances for under £20 Christmas Gift idea

I think it’s when Christmas is approaching that I realise how many premium fragrances/eau de toilettes there are available for men. The choice is endless, and to be honest it is very difficult to stick to one eau de toilette because there are plenty of new ones being launched every month.

However, at home I have two different types of fragrances: The everyday one, and the premium one. Today I want to focus on the everyday fragrance because generally it’s always a very affordable product (less than £20) and some of them smell really great. It’s true they don’t last as long as a premium eau de toilettes, but some of them are just amazing.

So, if you are looking for a new affordable eau de toilette, or you are thinking of buying one as a Christmas present for the dad of the house, husband, boyfriend etc…. here are my 5 favourites.

tabac original eau de cologne 150ml


Launched in 1959 by Maurer & Wirtz, Tabac Eau de Cologne is a classic that doesn’t want to die. The unique and distinguished fragrance has note of Lavender, Bergamot, Vanilla and Tobacco. What’s not to like? A favourite of millions and very affordable. Available on Amazon UK

topman amber eau de toilette £10.00 100ml


Topman has a great selection of fragrances for men, but this one, the Amber Eau de toilette, is by far the best one. The smell is just fantastic and it’s perfect for the trendy and stylish dad/guy. I highly recommend it! And it only costs £10.00. Available at Topman

zara: seoul eau de toilette. 100ml £9.99


The selection of fragrances at Zara is simply huge! They have new ones coming out almost every month. If you can’t find a good every day fragrance at Zara you are in serious trouble! I have purchased this one recently and it’s a very nice, stylish, modern and not over powering fragrance. The scent reveals notes of hazelnut, pepper and amber. Available at £9.99

the body shop: arber eau de toilette 100ml £16.00


At the end of the 90’s, Arber was my favourite fragrance. I used it everyday, because the fragrance was (and still is) so unique. Arber is still a classic at The Body Shop, and I am glad to see they haven’t changed anything and kept the original scent of citrus top notes, coriander and mint, and an earthy, woody base of sandalwood. A truly unique every day eau de toilette for men. Available at The Body Shop

next no85 eau de toilette 100ml £14.00


Like Zara, Next is a popular destination if you are looking for a great every day eau de toilette. I’ve tried and purchased a lot of them, but my favourite one has to be the No 85. It has a really unique (and quite strong) smell: Spicy notes of cardamom and pink pepper blend with a heart of neroli, enhanced with blond leather. It’s perfect for the modern and seductive dads/men out there! At Next UK £14.00

So, here you’ve got it, my favourite men fragrances for under £20.00. I bought all of them at some point in my life and I am currently using the one from Zara. Come back soon for more posts!