How to use Just For Men Control GX Grey Reducing Shampoo

At one point or another in life, every man will wonder if they should embrace their grey hair, or hide them for a little longer! If you think you are too young for grey hair, Just For Men Control GX is one of the best products out there, because it gradually covers your grey hair, step by step, with each use. But how do you use it for the best results!

1/ Use it everyday in the shower

If you want the best results, you have to use Just for Men Control GX every morning for the first two weeks. Use it while you are in the shower, but don’t forget, results will appear gradually so it is important to use it every day until you get the results you want.

2/ Use it like a shampoo

Just for Men Control GX is basically a shampoo, so when you wet your hair, apply a generous amount of the product into the palm of your hand, then massage over your head (the product must cover all your hair). As a shampoo, Control GX leaves your hair clean and smooth, so there’s no need to use another shampoo!

3/ Wash your hands and fingers

This is a very important step if you want to avoid getting stains on your hands and especially the tops of your fingers! This product can stain if you don’t rinse properly, so once you’ve applied it, you must wash your hands with a soap. If you prefer you can use plastic gloves (but that’s not too practical in the shower!)

4/ Leave it for 3 minutes

This is a very important step, if you want it to work, you have to leave this shampoo in for 3 minutes before rinsing. So it’s time to enjoy the shower, wash your body, shave your body parts or whatever you can do in 3 minutes! When the time is over, rinse your hair and remove all the product until water runs completely clear.

5/ Clean the shower

If you want to avoid little black stains in the shower/bath, you have to immediately clean the shower once you are done. It’s very important especially if you have a plastic shower.

6/ Repeat every day

As I said previously, Just for Men Control GX doesn’t work like a hair dye, so results appear gradually. If you have a lot of grey hair like me, it can take a bit longer (2 weeks) but you will notice a difference trust me! If after the first week you don’t notice anything, don’t give up and keep using this product every day. Once you have reached the result you want, keep using Just for Men Control GX twice a week.


I have a lot of grey hair and this product worked great for me, but it never fully covered all my grey hair. And that’s probably what I liked the most about Just for Men Control GX Grey Reducing Shampoo. You don’t get the “weird” look that a permanent hair dye can give you! Also Control GX is a great shampoo, and my hair looked and felt really great.

If you are embarrassed and don’t want to buy Just for Men Control GX at your local store, the best way is to order it on Amazon UK or (if you are in the US).

Do you cover your grey hair? If yes what product do you use? Let me know on the comments below and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.