Nokia MD-12 Review: A loud and powerful portable speaker

Nokia MD-12 Wireless Speaker

Nokia MD-12 Wireless Speaker


What’s in the box?

The box of the Nokia MD-12 is small and basic. It includes the MD-12 speaker, a micro USB cable (to charge the speaker) and papers in various languages to explain how it works. Packaging is typical Nokia, nothing too fancy, just right.

NOKIA MD-12 What's in the box.

NOKIA MD-12 What's in the box.


What does the Nokia MD-12 look like?

The portable wireless speaker is really small. It has a diameter of 84mm and is just under 4cm in height. This is much smaller than the previous Nokia JBL speakers.  The one that I am reviewing today is in a vibrant green colour. The colour is amazing. The front is very minimalist with the Nokia Logo and power button. On the back of the device you will find a 3.5mm audio in and a micro USB for charging the device.  The Nokia MD-12 weighs 180g and it feels very sturdy. This is another excellent product from Nokia. No complaints at all about the build quality, the product is excellent!



How does it work?

It is extremely easy to make it work. Push the power button and hold for 4-5 seconds, then it is on. If you have an NFC smartphone you only have to tap your smartphone with your speaker and they magically pair. If you don’t have NFC, you can use Bluetooth and it’s easy to pair. I tried with NFC and Bluetooth and both connections worked perfectly fine. This speaker doesn’t just work exclusively with a Nokia Lunia phone, it works perfectly fine with Android too.

What is the sound quality of the Nokia MD-12?

When you hold this light and tiny speaker, the truth is that you don’t really know what to expect. On the packaging Nokia has written in big letters: Small & Cool. Loud & Proud. Let me tell you something, Nokia is telling the truth! This little speaker is really loud, full of bass and is really a joy to use. Personally I wouldn’t have the volume louder than level 8 as the speaker starts to vibrate and loses sound quality. The sound is surprisingly clear and loud for such a small device. Of course don’t expect to use the NOKIA MD-12 to entertain a home party with 50 people because it is not designed for that. But by your bed, office, living room, etc this portable speaker will do the job, and do it very well.



What are my final thoughts?

Last years JBL/NOKIA Speakers were great but really expensive. This year Nokia has done something really good: an ultra portable Speaker with a great battery (up to 15h), powerful and clear sound. For less than £40 this is a really good speaker.