Robin and Rhino T-Shirts: Review. Amazing Tees from Sheffield


Every year we read news about another high street retailer going bust, but it’s not all bad news. The UK fashion industry (like the skincare industry) is buzzing with small brands that aim to do something different and are not shy to differentiate themselves from the big retail chains. I think that’s the perfect way to definite the brand Robin & Rhino.

A few months ago, Chris Vannozzi the owner of Robin and Rhino, contacted me and sent me a personalised t-shirt for review purposes. Before writing about the t-shirt, here is a little bit about the brand by Mr Chris Vannozzi himself:

“The brand is named after my kids and the aim is to build slowly into something small but cherished by those that know about it. We want to stay true to the spirit of Sheffield which is unpretentious and quality obsessed. Form and function are equally important - clothes need to look right, feel right and be built to last. Hence our use of high quality heavyweight cotton on these tees. And hence the personalisation, hidden away on the inside of the neck, which makes each garment unique to the owner without advertising the fact.The only rules are that everything that we do will be made by us in Sheffield and will feature some element of personalisation. So each garment is unique to the owner. ”

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If you follow me on Instagram I have published a few pics of me wearing my personalised tee. Let’s find out what makes them so special. In my opinion there are three important aspects that I am looking for in a very special t-shirt.

quality of the fabric

Well, the team are not lying when they say they have an amazing fabric. Of all the t-shirts I’ve owned this is by far the best fabric I have ever seen. It is not a light fabric, so if you are not a fan of heavyweight cottons, this is not for you. But if you appreciate the feeling of quality fabric on your skin, well I can only say you are at the right place. Simply the best!


The Style and the Cut

Personally I’m not one for baggy t-shirts/shirts, for me this is the worst of the 90’s, but I also don’t like skinny/tight tops that can only be worn if you have 0% fat, because if you are a little bit overweight it looks ridiculous! The t-shirt from Robin and Rhino has a very nice fit, it is a little bit fitted, not baggy and not skinny either. I have a size M and it really looks great. No complaints about it.


The design and the colour

I have the grey one and it looks stunning. It has the Robin and Rhino signature on the front left, and inside the collar it is personalised with your name (you have to give the details when ordering). Please note that the back of the t-shirt is slightly longer (1”) than the front. I wear this tee with chinos or a pair of jeans. It really looks great and stylish.

Robin and Rhino tees are made to order and handmade in Sheffield, so you will receive your order within two weeks. Each t-shirt is priced at £70, but using my special code you can get a £20 discount: Coupon code: SPRING19

If you want to invest in a great t-shirt perfect for the Spring/Summer season, go for it and you won’t be disappointed, and it’s Made in the UK!