Shave and Subscribe Review-Shaving subscription with Gillette blades.


Monthly subscription is a booming business in the UK, and men have been targeted with shaving subscriptions that promise to deliver great shaving blades every month through the letter box. I have reviewed a lot of them, and while some are OK, unfortunately others don't deserve the hype and praise they are receiving. Ultimately I've always found that the blades don't last as long as premium blades (you need to change them every 5-6 days). This is why in a way I have always found these subscription services to be slightly inferior to the main available at your local supermarket: Gillette, or Wilkinson for example. 

So when Shave and Subscribe contacted me and I found out that they are an authorised Gillette Shave Club partner, I thought that sounded very interesting, and it could be a game changer! So they asked me to follow the subscription steps on their website and to process my order. Shave and Subscribe sent me the following products for free, for review purposes. 

How does it work?

To create an account and subscribe it is really simple and trouble free. Everything happens at


First you have to choose the razor you wish to receive at home and the choice is amazing: from the classic Mach 3 to the ultimate Gillette Fusion Pro Shield. Each razor comes with 8 blades per delivery, except the Fusion Pro Shield which has 6 blades per delivery. I decided to choose the Gillette Fusion Pro Shield as I have never tried it before. Then the system asks you how often you shave, and how often you want to receive your blades. You have three options:

  1. Every month: You shave 5-7 times a week.
  2. Every two months: You shave 3-4 times a week.
  3. Every three months: You shave 1-2 times  a week.

Each plan costs the same, the difference being how often you will receive the box: Every month, every two months or every three months. Then the subscription starts at £10.99 for the Gillette Mach 3 and blades, £16.99 for the Gillette Fusion, £17.99 for the Gilllette Pro Glide and £19.49 for the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide.

Once you have decided on the type of razor, blades and how often you would like them delivered, you are good to go (secure payment).


Quality of the product?

The delivery was fast and trouble free, and Shave and Subscribe has an outstanding and fast customer service to keep you informed if you have any queries. I received the Gillette Fusion Pro Shield (with all the original packaging), and I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of the razor. It feels premium and has a much better grip than any other razors I have tested from other subscription boxes. I like the weight of the Gillette Fusion Pro Shield, and honestly this is one of the best razors I have ever tried. The packaging of the Pro Shield razor includes one blade. After the first shave I was really impressed and "sold" with the quality of this Gillette razor and blade. The Pro Shield blade features:

  • ProShield Lubrication BEFORE and after, the blades shields from irritation while you shave.
  • 5 precision blades provide less tug and pull for incredible comfort*
  • Precision Trimmer on back for accurate edging
  • Blades fit all Fusion and ProGlide® handles

Honestly I am very impressed by the Gillette products offered by Shave and Subscribe and the Pro Shield razor and blades is a winner for me. I received an elegant black box with the rest of the blades for my monthly supply.


How does it feel on my skin?

The interesting thing is that I started using this product shaving on a daily basis with great results (no irritation, no nasty cuts or spots). Then two weeks ago I decided to change my look and to grow a beard. But I am still using the Gillette Pro Shield every day because I like to keep my top cheeks and my lower neck (beard line) tidy. And it is still performing very well, especially on my lower neck because this is a very sensitive area (I usually get some spots or irritation if I am using a not "great" razor/blade). And the blades are lasting a long time because I am still on my first blade! That's so much better than other razors I have tried before.

Final thoughts.

I am impressed by the product and by the service received by Shave and Subscribe  (how fast and easy it is to subscribe to this service). If you want the convenience of receiving your blades directly at home, and to get the product you like and trust, it is in my opinion a no-brainer: Visit Shave and Subscribe and don't forget that if you are not satisfied you can stop or pause your subscription at any time. I've reviewed a lot of shaving subscriptions in the past but this one is for sure my favourite. 

Disclaimer: I received for free the Gillette Fusion Pro Shield and two packs of 4 blades Fusion Pro Shield for review purposes but the opinion expressed in this review is mine, trust me I wouldn't recommend it if my skin had irritation, nasty cuts or spots because the aspect of my skin is very important! 

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