Can this company solve a man dilemma?

I am a big fan of subscription services because you know exactly how much you are going to spend every month and you are able to cancel if the level of quality goes down. 

There are subscription services for almost everything, and the latest one is very interesting (from a dad and a man’s point of view of course!) ‘Razors and Shaving Blades’.

Last week I found the following website: I really liked the design of the website and the great product they offer. I have to say this is a very tempting offer: a razor + 4 blades then every month a new pack of 4 blades sent to your home. This could be a dream come true for most men because let’s be honest, personally I’m very tired with all the blades, razors and new products coming out every week. Look at Gillette for example, every few months they introduce a new super amazing product that shaves better than their previous products! The only thing I see is that blades are more and more expansive with the same results we had months or years before. I’ve tried all the latest products of Gillette, Wilkinson etc and believe me I don’t really notice a great difference with the blades I used last year. If you live in the UK there is a great brand called King of Shaves. I’ve been using their razor and blades for the last few months and I really like it. The only trouble I have with this brand (especially here in Bristol) is that sometimes it’s hard to find blades. Often out of stock and obviously it happens when you need it most! So I decided to give a try and here is my review….



The website is nice, clean and it has a really masculine feel. In my personal opinion they should show immediately the price of the service they offer, because it’s a really good offer. Instead you have to choose your razor first (3 or 5 blades) then prices will appear. It is a bit like when you go into a store and there are no prices and you have to ask the staff how much the product costs. Personally I never ask and leave the store because I think it is a lack of respect for customers, but in this case I can understand why they do it. I’m sure a lot of you won’t mind and will click directly on the ‘Choose your Razor’ link, so it’s probably safe to say it’s me being a bit picky!

Apart from that the site works perfectly fine, and making the first order is very easy. I contacted the team and they replied almost immediately. Tom was very helpful and always replied in a professional way.




I received my parcel yesterday. Unfortunately I had already shaved so couldn’t try it straight away. I will start with the negative point (there is only one and again it’s probably just me being picky). The parcel is well packaged and it doesn’t show who sent it (which is good in my opinion). The presentation of the product is fine, but there is no information leaflet. Being a shaving company it would’ve been nice to send a little leaflet with some shaving tips for example, or information about the product or subscription….that’s the only negative point.

Here are the positive points:

As soon as I took the razor in my hand I thought ‘wow this product is great’. The grip is excellent, it has a perfect weight..a little bit on the heavy side but this is real positive in my opinion. The combination of black and orange colour gives it a great masculine touch. The packaging of the blades is also very well made. I am convinced you will love this product.

The delivery was very quick too, which is very nice.



Today was the day. I used my fancy new razor from Before starting here is my shaving ritual:

1/ Scrub with Nip+Man

2/ Shaving Cream from Lavera Organic ( I will talk about these products soon)

3/ Shave with my new razor (I used the 3 blades today)

4/ Rinse with warm water first, then cold water.

5/ After Shave from Nip + Man

6/ Use Ted Baker Grooming Cologne from the Grooming room range (I highly recommend)

7/ Moisturising cream from Lavera Organic

It sounds like a long ritual, but not at all, it takes a few minutes but it is a nice relaxing moment.

So what about the razor? Well, as expected yesterday, this razor is great. The grip is amazing and it really helps for a nice and close shave. It didn’t cut my face and it left my skin nice and smooth. I much prefer the feeling of the the razor than my previous from King of Shaves. If you’re a Gillette or a Wilkinson fan give it a try (you can cancel the subscription at anytime) and I guarantee that you will love it and I am sure you won’t cancel the subscription.



So has solved a real shaving dilemma? In my case it’s a YES! I have very delicate skin and tried all the razors and blades possible and even expensive electric shaver. So far I really like the product. Will I keep my subscription? Absolutely, I don’t know why I wouldn’t. For a budget point of view, I know that I will pay always the same every month, and I will also save money. Unfortunately it looks like the product is only available in the UK at the moment. Do I recommend it? Yes and Yes. Did I pay for my product? Yes, I never ask for anything for free and I review products or services that I either own or pay for.


Shaving doesn’t have to be a torture and with it is definately not!

3 Blades subscription service: £6.95/month, 5 Blades subscription service: £8.95

Thanks and please if you have any comments or queries write below and I will be happy to reply.

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