The Best Hand Care Routine for Men

In this blog I write very often about great products for your face but very rarely about other parts of the body. As Winter is in full swing, it is the perfect time to take care good care of your hands. A good hand care routine can be quick and will be help you keep your hands clean, nice and soft. So here is my express routine for your hands, and don’t forget those 4 words:

1/ Wash your hands

For this very important step I recommend a bar of soap over a liquid hand gel. A great bar of soap must have a fantastic fragrance, and this one: THE BLUEBEARDS REVENGE BIG BLUE BAR OF SOAP FOR BLOKES (175G) is my favourite. With a great fragrance, SLS and Parabens free, Vegan, No animal testing and UK Made, what’s not to like? Your hands will say thank you!


If you live in London or Birmingham, you can also get the amazing Glycerine Soap (£1.95) from my favourite shop: MUJI. They are semi-transparent, vegetable based glycerine soaps. 4 scents to choose from including Avocado, Citrus Wood, Lemon and Mandarin.


2/ scrub your hands

Once a day (when I am home from work) I have to scrub my hands to remove any excess of dirt than has been accumulated all day. This is an extra little help to perfectly clean my hands and to have them absolutely soft and free from any dirt, stains etc….

I recommend the Mucky Men’s Hand Scrub from Sapooni, It will gently remove ground-in dirt and stains whilst soothing and moisturising dry, irritated hands. Made with a blend of sea salts (included from Cornwall). To gently lift the dirt, Sapooni uses finely ground natural pumice, ground olive stones, and strawberry seeds.


3/ brush your hands

This is a must have accessory to complete your perfect hand care routine. Use it while you wash and scrub to remove any dirt. The Remos wooden craftsmen brush for Men is made of STRONG BRISTLES (The strong bristles remove deep-seated dirt and clean your hands and feet much more thoroughly than regular hand washing.). This Remos hand brush is a 100% natural product. It is made from indigenous beech wood, while the bristles are formed from boar bristles. Available on Amazon UK

4/ care & protect your hands

Finally once your hands are perfectly clean and dry it’s time to apply a hand cream. I recommend two very different ones. If you work in an office, or stay inside after your hand care routine, I recommend this hand cream from Clarins for Men. I got it has a Christmas present and I am using it daily since! It’s a joy! It is available on Amazon UK.


If your work or lifestyle means that you will be outside for long hours, you need a stronger hand cream that will offer the best protection. In that case I recommend the following one: Organic Hand Balm by Good Day Organics. This is a thick balm which is non greasy and that will protect your hands against the cold and harsh weather. It is made with 99% organic products and I also use it if I have any type of skin irritations...and it works really well for that too. Available for £9.99 @ Good Day Organics


So here you’ve got it, a complete, fast, hand care routine to keep your hands clean, soft and protected especially during the winter months. More posts coming soon and once again thanks for reading! Guys, now you don’t have any excuses for dirty and harsh hands!