Top 5 Best Beard Oils in 2018-Father's Day Gift


When you have a beard or stubble it is important to take care of it, and a nice beard oil will become your best friend. Since I have decided to adopt the beard look I have made some changes to my daily skincare routine, because I need to care about my facial hair too. I have reviewed a lot of beard products lately and here are my 5 best beard oils for 2018. And as Father's Day is around the corner, I think that it could be a perfect gift for a bearded daddy!

1-The Bearded Man Company: beard oil-bay rum 10ml £6.99


The first product I want to mention is the excellent beard oil from The Bearded Man Company. The little bottle is great and the logo is honestly one of the best out there. But what about the product: This is the perfect oil for the guy that wants a nice and effective product with a light fragrance. If you are the type of guy that doesn't like a strong fragrance you will be pleased with this beard oil. I really like it, and also the brand concept is great. They have a huge selection of beard care products on their website.

2-Brisk: Beard Oil Citrus fragrance. 30ml £5.00


Brisk is a popular brand here in the UK with a complete range of products for your beard needs. Brisk is very easy to find at your local Boots and also on Amazon UK. This Beard Oil is very similar to the Beard Man Company. It is a very nice and effective product with a nice (but not overpowering) fragrance. The Citrus fragrance smells very nice and it might make you feel like you are on the med.

3-l'oreal for men barber club: short beard oil & moisturiser £7.00


OK, I am gonna admit it, I am not a fan of L'Oreal for men, in fact my skin doesn't really agree with their products, but this one from their Barber Club range is actually very nice. With this beard oil, L'Oreal has gone for a 2 for 1 concept that is actually working pretty well. It is definitely not as oily as other beard oils, because this product can be used as an oil for your beard and a moisturiser for your face. The idea is quite clever and will seduce the guys that want something quick and easy. To be fair this is not the best beard oil, or best moisturiser either, but it works well and I am sure it is successful with some guys that don't have time in the morning!

4-murdock london: beard oil £18.00


Murdock London is a brand that is really focused in premium products for men. Everything feels like luxury, from the packaging, the label, and of course the product itself. I recently discovered Murdock London and I am already a big fan. This beard oil is really amazing, the fragrance is stronger but very masculine and distinguished. It's a very good beard oil and if you are serious about taking care of your beard and have a special attraction for premium skincare products, you will not be disappointed. Father's Day is around the corner and this is for sure a great and stylish gift. You can get it on their website where you can find more outstanding beard products.

5-Zeos for Men: Beard oil £9.99


Since I discovered Zeos for Men two years ago, I have become a big fan. They have a very cool skincare range, and recently they sent me (for review purposes) their Beard Oils (the blue is called Radiance and the green is called Inspire). As with the other beard oils on that list, this one from Zeos for Men is bang on the money. It's an excellent product and won't disappoint, but what sets this oil apart is the fragrance. I am the type of guy who likes skincare products and beard oils with a strong fragrance. And of all of them, Zeos for Men have the strongest and also the best smell. It's masculine, sexy, seductive and it will get you a lot of compliments. Obviously if you are not a fan of beard oils with strong fragrances, you won't like this product and you should look at other ones on my list. But if you want to make a statement with a great sense, you will love this beard oil from Zeos.

Thank you very much for reading, and I hope I have helped you a little bit. Father's Day is coming soon, and a nice beard oil would be a great present for bearded daddies.  I have published a video on my Youtube channel, so sit down, relax and enjoy the show! I can't wait to read your comments.