Nip Man skincare: Full Review

On my 40th birthday I received a lovely present from my wife: The complete range of NIP Man Skincare.

I spend a lot of money on Skincare products for men. I like to try new products and sometimes the most expensive brands are not the best for my skin (Aramis LAB Series is a perfect example). The NIP Man skincare range consist of the following products:

  1. Turbo Face Wash
  2. Scrubbing Facial Wash
  3. After Shave Power Lotion
  4. Daily Power Moisturiser


Here is my complete review:

The packaging has nice a nice mix of colours with grey as the main colour. It looks very masculine and refreshing in the mens skincare world!

How to use it? Morning before shaving and night before going to bed. Use lukewarm water around your face, then massage the Turbo Face Wash onto your skin. Advice: Use the top of your fingers to massage your skin. Rinse with lukewarm water and dry your face with a clean towel. It has a nice invigorating smell and is very nice to use in the morning. It leaves your skin clean and ready for a close shave. This is the best way to start the day with Nip Man. Absolutely love it!

  • Nip Man Scrubbing Facial Wash with papaya. 150ml

The second product I want to talk about on this review is the NiP Man scrubbing wash. This is a great scrub facial wash for a deep clean. Personally I would use it twice a week in the morning before shaving. I wouldn’t use this product at night because it is a bit too aggressive for my skin at this time of the day. The fragrance is softer than the Nip Man Turbo Face Wash.

Nip + Man Daily Power Moisturiser

Nip + Man Daily Power Moisturiser

Unfortunately (and not sure why) NIP Man skincare doesn’t offer a shaving solution such as a foam, gel, shaving cream or oil. It is a shame, so you will have to use a different brand for shaving.

However, once shaved you can enjoy this amazing After Shave Power Lotion. Your skin needs extra care after shaving so you must avoid any aftershave with alcohol. The Nip Man Power Lotion is a nice balm that provides a long lasting cooling effect and soothes by moisturising. Don’t forget to apply to dry skin after shaving. Once you’ve shaved and used this Power Lotion After Shave Balm, it’s time for the last step.

A lot of men forget this last step but this is probably one of the most important. After shaving it’s good to use an aftershave balm to soothe your skin. Wait around 3-5 minutes and apply a moisturising cream. The shaving process damages the skin and it is very important to moisturise your face. The Nip Man Daily Power Moisturiser has a great masculine smell. It has caffeine extract to brighten your skin and jojoba oil to moisturise your skin. Apply daily on your face and neck. I recommend using this cream at night after washing your face. Your skin will say thank you in the morning! After a few days of use at night you will notice that your skin looks better in the morning.

Nip + Man Skincare for man: Complete range

Nip + Man Skincare for man: Complete range

So that was my review of the Nip Man skincare range. Have you tried Nip+Man? What do you think about the skincare range? Do you like Nip Man? Please let me know!


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