5 Best Face Wash for Men in 2017


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Men, it's time to take care of your skin. Too many men don't have a daily skincare routine and that's not good. Every week I am going to write about a selection of skincare products you have to use everyday to keep your skin feeling fresh, healthy, moisturised and younger looking.

It's time to wash your face

The first thing you have to do every morning (just after the shower...yes daily morning showers guys!) is to wash your face. Stop using the bar of soap or shower gel you are using to clean your body because your face needs a little bit more of care and love. All the Face Wash have to be used in the same way: Wet your face with warm water, apply a small amount of face wash on the palm of your hand, massage your face and use the top of your fingers especially on the forehead, and rinse with warm water. It's simple and the process should last around 1-1.30 minutes so it's fairly quick. So now that you know how to use a Face Wash, let's see which ones are my favourites and that I recommend.

1/ Bulldog Original Face Wash


Bulldog skincare is a popular skincare brand for men that can be found in popular retail stores in the UK. The brand is affordable with a large selection of products for under £6.00. Bulldog is a brand that I really like and I use it almost everyday. I always have a lot of Bulldog products at home because they are really good and full of natural products. The Original Face Wash comes in a packaging of 150ml (which will last you a little more than 1 month). It doesn't contains parabens and nasty chemical products, in fact it is packed full of natural ingredients such as 8 essentials oils, aloe and green tea. It smells fresh, cleans your face very well and leaves you with a nice soft skin ready for a shave. You can buy the Bulldog Original Face Wash on Amazon and Mankind.

2/ Dove Men Plus Care Face Wash


The skincare range from Dove is not as easy to find as other leading brands, and it's a shame because Dove has an excellent range of skincare products for men. This Face Wash comes in 150ml and it smells really great (a nice classic masculine fragrance). It is very gentle on your skin and it has a unique formula that helps to replenish moisture. If you like a nice masculine scent in the early hours of the morning....you won't be disappointed!

3/ Soho Joe London Original Face Wash


I recently discovered this brand (I bought it from my local TK Maxx) and I immediately fell in love with it. In fact I loved it so much that I came back to purchase the whole range of Soho Joe skincare for men. This Face Wash smells great, is really fresh and leaves your face deep cleaned. But the best of Soho Joe Face Wash is that it is made with 95% natural ingredients, and it is free from Parabens, Phosphates, Dyes and Gluten. It is difficult to find this product, but there is a link on Amazon UK.

4/Clinique Face Wash


This Face Wash from Clinique is the most expensive of the list, it costs between £15-£17 and is available in 200ml packaging. This is a very different product to the other ones mentioned in this post, because this Face Wash doesn't have any fragrance and the product is all clear (transparent). So if you want a nice masculine fresh fragrance in the morning, well this product is not for you. But if you don't mind about the fragrance and you value efficiency: good news, this Clinique Face Wash for men is probably for you. If you want a very professional face wash and you don't mind paying this price I think you should definitely try it. Available on Amazon and Mankind UK

5/Neutrogena Invigorating Face Wash


Unfortunately in the UK, Neutrogena hasn't launched its men range but all the Neutrogena Men products can be purchased on Amazon UK and delivered with PRIME (Next day delivery). I recently purchased this product on Amazon, it costs £7.50 and all the reviews are highly positive. Is it any good? The Face Wash is called INVIGORATING and trust me this stuff is fresh, really fresh. According to Neutrogena it removes excess surface oil and dirt to improve skin's overall healthy look. It’s an oil-free foaming gel cleanser with a cooling lather that cleans deep down to the pores without over-drying, so your face will always feel refreshed. And guess what? They are absolutely right. I love it, and my skin feels really clean and fresh. It's an amazing product and I definitely think you should give it a try. 

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So here you have it, my selection of 5 great face wash for men (4 under £10 and one under £20). It's time to start your new skincare routine. Next week I will give you some advice on great moisturising creams for men over 40. I hope you have enjoyed this first skincare post of the blog. See you soon, and don't forget to follow me on Social Media if you want to know all the latest posts about this blog.