Just for Men Control GX Grey Reducing Shampoo Full Review

At the age of 13 I discovered a grey hair on the back of my head! Since then, I have to be honest, it has spread quite a lot and by the age of 25 a lot of my head was very grey!
So, as a lot of men do, I tried something to hide it. I am aware of the typical comments, such as: grey hair looks very sexy or distinguished. Maybe this is true but the side effect of having a lot of grey hair is that it makes you look much older than you are. 

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In the past I've tried some permanent hair dyes but unfortunately it doesn’t leave my hair looking very natural. Then the semi permanents have a weird “brown” side effect on my hair: wash after wash the dye became a lighter brown and after a short while it doesn’t look so great. So I decided to embrace my “sexy-distinguished” look and keep my grey hair!

But back in December the marketing team of Just For Men (the leading hair dye solution for men in the UK) contacted me to review a brand new product. The product looked very promising as it gradually reduces grey, but it never gets rid of all the grey: which is good for a natural look. 

So I accepted the challenge and used this product for almost a month. Here is my full review of Just for Men Control GX.

control GX shampoo side effects

What's the concept?

Just for Men Control GX is a shampoo that gradually reduces grey. It will never cover 100% of your grey hair, so everything looks natural. It works with any shade from light brown to dark hair.

How does it feel using it? How to apply?

This shampoo is absolutely great. Without a doubt this is one of the best shampoos I have used. It leaves my hair soft with a nice bit of volume. As a shampoo I have to give this product 5*****
The way to apply the product is very simple. My advice is to massage it well, then you have to leave it for around one minute and then it's time to rinse out well. I always used the palm of my hand to apply the product as it can leave annoying black stains on your fingers. When you are done, don’t forget to clean the bath, and I mean you have to use good old cleaning products because you can find some nasty stains on your bath!

control GX shampoo review

Does it work?

It's obvious that the speed of the result will depend of the intensity of grey hair you have. In my case, I have a lot of grey hair especially on the back of my head (almost white).  Obviously I don’t know how long it will take for you to see visible results, but I personally found the process a little bit slow. I didn’t really notice any visible effects before 2-3 weeks of using the product. However,  I can say that the result is great and very natural. After using the product I clearly noticed that I have much less grey hair, but personally I'd hoped to see a little bit more of coverage on the back although I think that this has to be expected if you have a lot of grey hair. But Just for Men Control GX does work and keeps to its promise. Below are some pictures of me before and after. The results are clearly visible and the effect is really natural which is important to me.

Final thoughts

I think that Just for men has done something great with Control GX. This is a fantastic shampoo and it clearly reduces your grey. Don’t expect quick results because it won’t happen. Just for Men Control GX is not about immediate results - it is about step by step.
If you don’t have a lot of grey hair, changes will happen faster than it did with me, and you might notice a better coverage.

If you are a bit fed up with your grey hair, I definitely recommend Just for Men Control GX. This is so much better than permanent hair dye for men and the result is really natural. 
I am very pleased that I accepted this challenge. Just for men Control GX is a good product and I will keep using it in future.

As I expected a slightly faster result, and a little bit more of coverage on the back, I will give this product a 8/10. However this product is far superior to any other hair dye products I have used in the past.

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As always, many thanks for reading and feel free to share and spread the word.

Disclaimer: Just for Men Control GX was sent to me by Just for Men for review purposes. This review reflects my honest opinion about this product.