5 Great Christmas Gifts Under £20 for Men


Christmas is fast approaching and I have decided to publish a series of blog posts with some Christmas Gift ideas. As a guy of 43 years old, I like to find unique gifts for my wife and I like receiving unusual presents too. So here is my first list with a selection of unique Christmas Gifts for men, and all under £20.


White Stuff: Cyclist Repair Kit 

Perfect gift for cyclists. This White Stuff kit includes a Bath Soak, Muscle Rub. Hand Cream and Lip Balm. As always this is made with high quality products from White Stuff. This Cyclist kit is available at White Stuff for £19.95


The Little Book of Hygge

Year after year Denmark is ranked as the happiest country in the world. Like here in the UK they don't have great weather but they have an excellent welfare state, great education and the most important thing: 'Hygge'. This book will explain to you everything about Hygge, the Danish way of living for a happy life. This book is all about friends, cosiness, good food, family time etc. It is very positive and a must read this winter. Available on Amazon UK. 


Mr Natty Save ya Own Skin Moisturising Butter

Mr Natty is the ultimate sensation in grooming products for men. As with any Mr Natty product it smells amazing and it's packed with 100% natural ingredients...so you won't get any irritations. Made with Beeswax, Patchouli and Bergamot oil, this moisturiser is formulated for Dry and Sensitive skin. It's only 30g but you only need a tiny bit on your face. Mr Natty Save Ya Own Skin is available at House of Fraser for £14.


Mr Beard Soaps The Somerset Toiletry Co

I am a big fan of soaps, and the Mr Beard soap collection by the Somerset Toiletry Co is really great and perfect for any guy. You can choose from Mr Alternative, Mr Hipster, Mr Perfect and Mr Manly: Black Pepper & Ginger, Cedarwood and Lemongrass, Sage, Spearmint and Patchouli. Available at The Somerset Toiletry Co £4.95


Below the Belt: The Grooming Collection Box Set

Below the Belt is a different grooming company specialised in keeping the men private parts clean and fresh. This gift box contains The Fresh and Dry Balls (calming cream and antiperspirant for the male crown jewels), and the Instant Clean Balls Spray to keep everything clean where it matters. Available at Mankind for £12.00. 

More to come

Christmas is around the corner, and I have plenty more Christmas Gift posts coming in the next few days. Thank you for reading and as always you are more than welcome to share the post. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.