Milano Cento Review-A Classic Fragrance inspired by the best of Italy


Two weeks ago I received a 50ml sample of Milano Cento Eau de Toilette for review purposes. Fragrances for men is a huge market with new products coming out each week. To be honest it is difficult to find the right fragrance for you, and  advice from some other bloggers or shop assistants are not very helpful: "this one is fresh, perfect for the summer", "this one is better for night time" etc. Personally I think it's all a bit of a nonsense, and in my opinion there are two types of fragrances: The one you like and the one you dislike. It's easy to deal with the dislike group: don't buy them, don't use them, or give it to someone else. Then there are all the fragrances that you like, some are stronger, others are fresher but you should forget about any recommendations, and use the ones that you like whenever you want: day or night, summer or winter, weekdays or weekend. A fragrance for men is part of your DNA and who you are, so you should be confident and wear it at any moment of the day.  So what about Milano Cento? I am always very honest with my reviews and I have to say that I really like Milano Cento. 


Milano Cento a fragrance inspired by the Italian Lifestyle

This fragrance for men was very popular in the 1980's then it disappeared from the shops. Milano Cento is now back in some prestigious independent retailers across the UK.  As a fragrance it is very different from the most recent products like Diesel, Hugo Boss etc, Milano Cento is a classic fragrance that is timeless. It is inspired by the best of Italy and the Italian way of life, so it is fresh and strong at the same time. Italian men are stylish, confident and are always ready to seduce. I think that Milano Cento captures all of this , and if you are a confident man that wants a different fragrance then don't look any further. Milano Cento has zesty, sparkling notes of lemon, bergamot and green petitgrain. Herbaceous notes of lavender and rosemary combine with the intensity of basil and clary sage, followed by rich, sensual sandalwood and patchouli. One of my favourite fragrances is Acqua di Parma Colonia and in a way Milano Cento reminds me of it. 


Final Thoughts

One of the most important aspects of any fragrance, in my opinion, is if it lasts long on my skin, and Milano Cento lasts, which is really good. I like the design of the bottle, it feels heavy and has that luxurious feel about it. Milano Cento is available at the following stockists , on Amazon UK 

Milano Cento is for men that are confident, sophisticated, and gentlemen. I recommend it and it could be a perfect gift for Christmas.