Altr For men-Skincare Review (face wash & Moisturiser)


It’s September and it already feels like Summer has passed. For a lot of us it is back to work and for some back to school. So it’s time to spend a lot of time creating great content for this blog.

Today let’s talk about a British skincare brand for men that is getting a lot of attention recently: ALTR skincare.

I recently used the Face Wash and Moisturiser from ALTR for men and here are my thoughts.

About ALTR:

The brand was founded by Alex Doyle and the range of products is focused on sensitive skin with issues such as irritation and oily skin problems.

1/ Whiskey Infused Face Wash

Yes, you read it right: it’s whisky infused. Basically it contains ingredients derived from the finest whisky for a nice light pleasant smell and lighter consistency.

The key ingredients here are Chamomile and Aloe Vera. The combination of both ingredients leaves your skin clean and soft with a velvety effect. This is honestly a great Face Wash. My skin is not that oily so I found that sometimes after using it my skin felt a little bit dry (nothing to worry as I apply a moisturiser after), but if you have oily skin or very sensitive skin you will love it. I highly recommend this Face Wash. At £9.99 the 75ml it is a must have in your bathroom and it’s vegan! What not to like?

2/ Whiskey Infused Face Moisturiser.

I definitely think that the “finest whiskey extract” is more noticeable in the Face Moisturiser, and as a result the cream feels lighter, penetrates better in the skin and it smells really great.

This Face Moisturiser from ALTR is packed with plenty of great ingredients such as:

  • Witch Hazel : great soothing and cooling effect

  • Cocoa Butter: a natural antioxidant

  • Essential oils to protect the skin.

I really like this Face Moisturiser, it works well on my skin and doesn’t give me any irritation or spots (this can happen with some bad moisturisers!).

The Face Moisturiser is available in 110ml for £10.99.



ALTR London has a wide range of skin care products from concealers to bronzing gels and of course the more traditional Face Wash and Moisturiser. Personally I can’t comment on the other products as I didn’t try them, but regarding the Face Wash and Face Moisturiser, I think that you can believe the hype! They are great products and I highly recommend them. You can get them on their website (where you can discover the full range of their products) click here and on Amazon UK click here.

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See you soon!


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