Family Day Out at Woolacombe Bay with Burts Chips (Bags of Adventure)

My daughter Nerea. Barricane Beach.

My daughter Nerea. Barricane Beach.

I love spending Summer holidays in the UK with my wife and children. There are so many things to do and the South West of England has plenty of places to discover.
I am amazed with the beaches in the South West, some of them are simply breathtaking. The summer weather is not very predictable but I think this is part of the charm. Summer Family Days in the UK wouldn’t be the same without some clouds and the occasional shower!


bags of adventure with burts chips

In collaboration with Burts Chips we chose to spend the day at Woolacombe Bay: Barricane Beach/Woolacombe Beach in North Devon. This is one of my favourite places in Devon and it’s a great place for an amazing family day out. Summer is not finished yet, and if you visit Burts website you can join their Bags of Adventure campaign. The site is full of advice and ideas for amazing days out in the South West of England from Devon to Cornwall and the Jurassic Coast. And you can also try your chance to win some great prizes! 

Between Barricane Beach and Woolacombe Beach (Check the Tide!!)

Between Barricane Beach and Woolacombe Beach (Check the Tide!!)

Barricane Beach-North Devon


Woolacombe Bay is 2 hours and 20 minutes from Bristol. The journey was fine on the M5, then you have to drive through A and B roads. When you arrive at Woolacombe you can use the main car park (they charge £8.00 for all day).

Barricane Beach is located on the right side of Woolacombe Beach, just behind a lot of rock pools. I recommend you check the tide information as Barricane Beach is small and when the tide is high, it is time to move to the other side (Woolacombe Beach-what we did later on). We stayed by the rock pools as it’s great for the kids. Of course a family day on the beach is not complete without sand castles...and I have to say I am still good at it!

The beach is very safe (lifeguard), and is very family friendly. The sea was warm and we all had a great day. Barricane Beach and Woolacombe Beach are perfect for a great day out in the beautiful South West of England.

My daughter by the rock pool.

My daughter by the rock pool.

The Summer Holidays are ending so if you don’t know what to do with your children, go to and check their ‘Bags of Adventure’. What they have done is absolutely amazing, and some of the places recommended are very unique. You can tell that Burts Crisps are from and proudly made in the South West of England…(they know their way around!).  In my opinion that’s a very good initiative and you should definitely have a look (perfect for weekends in September and October too..if weather is fine).


And as we had such a good time, I did a video, and I hope you will like it. If you do, please give a thumbs up and consider subscribing to my channel on Youtube.

I took all my pictures with my iPhone 8 Plus and used VSCO and Snapseed for editing. 

Disclaimer: Sponsored post in collaboration with Burts Chips. This post reflects my honest opinion about this family day out.