Best SKincare Routine for Men 2018


When you are in your twenties, your skin is not your top priority and I don't blame you. But when you are on your 30’s or 40’s like me, it is time to take care of your skin (it will be a good investment for the future!). A morning skincare routine doesn’t need to be complicated so I am gonna show you some simple steps that every man can follow.

So, there are two types of guy, the one with a beard/stubble and the one that shaves on a daily basis. However the following morning routine is very similar for both and the most important thing is to: moisturise, clean and heal. So let’s start with the routine. The products that are listed in this post can be found (most of them) at your local retailer and Amazon UK (the link will take you to Amazon).

1/ Drink a glass of water. This is the first step that every guy should follow. When you wake up in the morning and before getting ready or making coffee, you have to drink a glass of water. Your skin needs to be hydrated and a glass of water is the easiest way .


2/ Wash your face. This is a very important process of your morning routine. You have to wash your face every morning. You can use a face wash or a face soap depending on your preferences. A face wash is better for your skin but if you really like a soap I recommend you use one with charcoal. Here are some great products to wash your face every morning.


I love Bull Dog Skincare for men. The Original Face Wash is full of natural products, it smells great and leaves your skin perfectly clean and fresh. 


Charcoal soaps are very trendy right now. This Detox Bar from Friendly Soap is really great. The charcoal will leave your skin super clean!


This face wash from FOLS is very soft, it smells great and it is perfect to moisturise your skin. The smell of lime is really nice in the morning!

3/ Scrub your face (twice a week). Basically I wash my face 5 times a week in the morning, and I scrub my face twice a week. So what is a face scrub? Basically it is a very strong face wash that exfoliates your skin giving it a very deep clean and leaves your skin feeling really fresh. Here are my two favourites that I am using every week.


This Skin Scrub for men from MonuSkin is simply amazing. Get ready for some deep cleaning, because this stuff is like going to a beauty therapist. I am really impressed by this product.


This Face Scrub from Zeos for Men is one of my favourite products from their range. The fragrance is amazingly fresh and it will leave your skin lightly moisturised too! 

4/Shaving oil:  If you are the guy that shaves every day, you will need a good shaving gel, cream, or shaving oil. My favourite product is a shaving oil because your skin will look really smooth after a shave (which is always aggressive for your skin). My favourite one is still from the King of Shaves. Get ready for a super smooth shave.


5/ After Shave Balm: If you shave every day you have to protect your skin with a good after shave balm. My advice is to use a thick balm. I really don't like a very light balm like the ones from Nivea, Cornerstone, or Aramis Lab Series. I've tried a lot of different after shave balms, but right now my favourite is from B-Line. This After Shave Balm from b-line is just amazing. I have stubble but I use it everyday where I shave my neck line and top cheek to keep my beard neat, and honestly this product is outstanding.

6/ Now it’s time to use a good moisturiser. Moisturising your face every day is a very important part of your daily skincare morning routine. Keep your face moisturised and your skin will be thankful when you are in your 40’s and 50’s. You can't skip this step and this is valid if you have or not a beard. A good moisturising cream will become your best friend in your bathroom, and here are two of my favourites right now.  


I am a big fan of Good Day Organics and their Facial Moisturiser. It is full of natural and organic ingredients, and it keeps my skin moisturised all day. Please note: apply on damp face, massage, then dry slowly with a towel!


ManCave has an amazing skincare range for men with great products for the shower and hair care too. The Original Moisturiser by Mancave is just amazing. Full of natural products, it smells great and is perfect for my skin!

7/ Bear Oil (not for everyone). The last step is for the guys that have a beard or stubble. I highly recommend using a beard oil every day. A good oil has amazing properties for your beard/ stubble and the UK has a booming beard oil market. Here is a selection of my favourite ones that I am using every day.


I really love this beard oil from The Bearded Man Co. The Bay Rum Essential Beard Oil smells fantastic. It leaves my beard/stubble nice and smooth. And it's affordable too!


Zeos for Men has an amazing range of Beard Oil, but this one called Zeos Radiance is my favourite. The smell is so great that I wish they had an eau de toilette with the same fragrance!


I recently discovered this beard oil from The Audacious Beard Co and I will use one word to describe it: Amazing! The fragrance is great and it is perfect for longer beards.


This beard oil from Murdock London is a premium product that smells amazing and leaves my facial hair very soft. A very nice product from an amazing brand.

So here you have it, my morning skincare routine for men over 30. It is simple to follow, quick to do (less than 10 minutes) and all the products recommended are affordable. And don’t forget it’s all about cleansing and moisturising.

Thank you for reading.