Frangipani Shirts-Review Spring 2019. Great Printed Shirts for Men over 40


Every year there is a new trend in fashion for men, and in 2019 there is a clear winner: printed shirts. So guys, it’s time to put your Oxford shirt to the side and invest in some great printed shirts for Spring 2019. Frangipani is a British brand specialised in printed shirts for men since 2009. A few weeks ago I received two shirts from Frangipani for review purposes. As you all know I always give you my honest opinion so let’s see if your new fashion investment will be a long sleeved shirt from this brand!

1/ First impression

I love attention to detail, and I really appreciate when a brand makes a special effort in that area. Great news! You won’t be disappointed! The shirts come nicely folded in a plastic bag, the tags are made of a light cardboard and are attached to the shirt with a thin rope and safety pin. There are no annoying plastic bits around the neck, sleeves etc… Overall I am very pleased to see that the packaging is nicely taken care of. That’s a huge plus to me.

2/ LEt’s talk about the fabric and the pattern


Before trying a shirt on, I always check the quality of the fabric. Frangipani shirts are made of 100% cotton, that is not too thick or too thin. In fact each shirt is soft and lightweight, and they are perfect for the warmer days. Honestly, the fabric feels premium and it’s clear to see that the cotton used is of excellent quality.

So let’s talk about the important topic here: the printed pattern. As I said previously, in 2019 if you want to follow the trend you will need to invest in some printed shirts. The problem with these types of shirts is the difficulty to really appreciate how good they look until you see them in person and try them on. I tried to take a lot of pictures of both shirts I have, and I hope it will help you.

One word: impressive. Yes, that’s how good they look, and I can easily see myself wearing them with a pair of chinos (you know I love my chinos...see my previous post here: best chinos for men over 40). They can be worn with a pair of beige shorts too for a more summer look and they will look great if you are going around the Med this summer!

3/ Quality of the shirt.


I’ve already mentioned that I love the fabric, but now let’s check the little details and the quality of stitching which is another very important part in a shirt. I received two shirts and the only thing I can say is how great the quality of the finished product is. I’ve checked every little corner and I haven’t found any loose threads or bad stitches. It’s really impressive, so If like me you are a big fan of top notch products, you will not be disappointed.


4/ Sizes and fit.

Sizes can be a problem when you are buying online (especially if you have never tried the brand before). According to Frangipani website: “Our shirts come up a little bigger than most high street brands. Slightly fitted on the sides but cut looser round the tummy”


I slightly disagree with that one but I suppose it depends where you buy your shirts from. For example, I buy a lot at Fat Face and White Stuff and I am always a size M. It’s true that I have put on a little weight (I am being nice here!) since Christmas, but I have already lost a couple of kilos! Personally I find the shirts a little bit smaller than the ones I usually purchase in the shops. I think Frangipani sizes are very similar to the ones of Zara, Massimo Dutti, and some European high street brands. Interestingly the white one is slightly looser than the blue one, as that one feels a little bit more fitted. Around the shoulders they fit perfectly but I know that with 2-3 extra kilos off they will be the perfect sizing. I think the best is to take all the measurements of a shirt you like and to compare it with their sizing charts. I think that the M is the right size (the L would be way too big) but I need to be a little bit more in shape! New Year resolutions here we go!

5/ Final thoughts.


First I have to say that I didn’t know anything about Frangipani until recently, but I am glad I came across the brand. It is nice to see a British brand focusing exclusively in top quality shirts, with great attention to details. If you like a quality printed shirt then that’s the one to go for. As they look better in real life I have taken a lot of detailed pictures for you.

Overall, I highly recommend Frangipani Shirts, but if you are between two sizes, contact them directly. They have a fantastic customer service and they will reply to you very fast.

The price is on the top end range and it will cost you around £75 for each shirt, but now you can get them on offer for £52.50 right now. Here are the links to the ones I reviewed here.

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