Best T-Shirts for Men over 40-Spring 2019 Part 1: Timeless Look


Bristol 27th of February.

I used to be a “Polo Shirt” guy, but lately I have embraced the t-shirt side. I like how a t-shirt feels, looks and how versatile it can be. If you want to embrace a minimalist look with chinos or dark jeans, t-shirts are the way to go. Spring is around the corner (the weather feels warmer and the days are longer), so it’s time for my ultimate guide to the best t-shirts for men over 40 for Spring 2019!

1/ washed t-shirt by boden £20.00

This is a super stylish t-shirt made of 100% Washed Cotton for the perfect casual look. It is available in a selection of 9 different colours, but my favourite is the one called London Grey! And it’s looks great with a pair of black chinos. Available at for only £20.00

2/ organic cotton crew t-shirt 2 pack by muji

Muji is a Japanese store that can be found in London and Birmingham. If you have been reading this blog regularly you should know that Muji is my favourite store. A few months back I purchased this pack of two organic t-shirts in grey (available in white too). They only cost £9.95 (bargain for a pack of 2), and they are probably my favourite t-shirts. The organic cotton is really soft and there are no seams at the sides, for a comfortable finish with a great fit. Absolutely amazing! Available at Muji for £9.95

3/ The T-shirt by asket

Asket is a Scandinavian brand specialised in timeless clothing for men. The t-shirt is one of their more popular styles, it is made of heavyweight premium Egyptian cotton. They are available in different lengths in each sizes which is really convenient. The t-shirt is available in 8 different colours. £30.00 at Asket

4/short sleeve t-shirt by kin for john lewis

Kin is a brand exclusively designed for John Lewis and it’s specialised in casual and minimalist clothing. This crew t-shirt is made of pure cotton, it’s soft and fits perfectly for a casual look. I really like this one in Lilac, and it’s available at John Lewis for £20.00.

5/ personalised t-shirt by robin + rhino

Robin + Rhino is a new brand based in Sheffield. The particularity of the brand is that each t-shirt has a personalised printed neck insert, and each one is made with 100% heavyweight cotton jersey. It is a premium t-shirt with an excellent fit. It really feels great and of superior quality. The fabric used and the attention to detail is outstanding. You can get £20 off your purchase at Robin + using the coupon code: DAPPER&GROOMED-SPRING19


So that’s it for my selection of the best t-shirts for men over 40 for a great timeless look. Stay tuned for the 2nd part with my selection of best Printed T-Shirts for Spring 2019.

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