The Huntsman Club Review-Luxurious Shaving Subscription Box


Guys, there is a new shaving subscription club in town and I’ve tried it for you! I shaved my beard (I used the razor and the shaving products included) every day for 7 days to give you an honest opinion of The Huntsman Club.

1/ The Concept


The Huntsman Club is a shaving subscription club that promises to deliver to you everything you need for a luxurious shave. Every 6 or 12 weeks (depending on how often you shave), you will receive a box with an exclusive Huntsman razor, Gillette Mach III Blades, Hydrating Pre-Shave Lotion, and Shaving Cream (both from Edwin Jagger).

2/ Packaging


If you have read my reviews before, you know that I value a lot the packaging of any subscription service. I am very impressed with the design of the box. Everything is well presented, and it definitely shows the luxurious side that The Huntsman Club is proud of.

3/ inside the box

  • The Huntsman Club razor

  • Gillette Mach 3 blades

  • Pre-shave lotion and shaving cream from Edwin Jagger

  • Shaving guide (very well designed).


4/ The Razor

When you subscribe to a shaving club, the most difficult part is to get a good razor. I have reviewed Cornerstone and I thought their razor was way too light. So what about the Huntsman Club razor? I wouldn’t say this is the best one I’ve used but it is definitely in my Top 3. It has a perfect weight, a good grip and it feels really good in my hand. I used it every single day for a week when I shaved my beard and I have no complains at all. I still use it to shave my neck line and it is doing a fantastic job. This is a very good razor and it looks like a very expansive one too!

5/ the blades

The Huntsman Club razor is compatible with Gillette Mach 3 blades. If you like the brand, I am sure you are in familiar territory here and will appreciate the quality of shave. I am not a big fan of Gillette but the Mach 3 worked well on my skin and I didn’t experience any cuts or irritation.

6/ the shaving products

The Huntsman Club wants you to experience the best shaving experience so they have included a Pre shave lotion and shaving cream from Edwin Jagger. The only thing I can say is: outstanding choice! These two products are the stars of this box. I immediately became a fan. I really think that with this Pre Shave Lotion and Shaving Cream you will improve your daily shaving ritual. When you subscribe, you can choose the products you want according to your skin type but all of them are from Edwin Jagger so you don’t have to worry!


7/ the price

The Huntsman Club is a luxury shaving experience so it is more expensive than other subscription boxes. Each box costs £35 and you can get one every 6 or 12 weeks (depending how often you shave). Is it worth it? It all depends on your shaving routine. If you are the kind of guy that wants to be ready in 2 minutes in the morning, you probably won’t appreciate it. But if like me you want the best for your skin and don’t mind spending 5 minutes extra to get a close and smooth shaving experience, you will really appreciate the experience. I don’t think there is anything similar on the market right now, so if you want to upgrade your morning shave, go for it and try won’t regret it. You can get a £15 discount for your first box using the following coupon code. DAPPER15


8/ Final thoughts

Shaving subscription clubs are a crowded market right now, and it can be difficult to choose the right one. The Huntsman Club has positioned itself as a luxurious shaving experience box, and I think they have reached their goal. I am very pleased with the experience: from the packaging, to the choice of products included in the box.

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Disclaimer: The Huntsman Club sent me a box for free for review purposes, however this post reflect my honest opinion about it.

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