Haven Holiday Devon Cliffs Review 2019-Great Family Holidays

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Dapper and Groomed is a lifestyle blog for men. Most of my posts are focused on fashion and skincare products for men, but from time to time I will publish some posts about places I find that could be of interest to you. Today it’s all about a very popular holiday destination in South Devon: Devon Cliffs.

Going on a family holiday in the UK can be a bit tricky if you are looking for a sunny holiday. Good news, with Haven Holidays it’s about fun all day long for the whole family whatever the weather! Of course good weather is always a bonus! Every year around Easter we take a one week break for our family holidays and we head south west to Devon to the beautiful Devon Cliffs Holiday Park by Haven.

First things first, if you are looking for a stylish holiday like the ones in the south of France or Italy around the med, well I don’t think Devon Cliffs is the right place for you. But if you are looking for a great place to go on Holiday with your family, in a beautiful spot with outstanding views to the channel, and an incredible beach, I think you should consider Devon Cliffs, and here are 5 reasons why…..

1/ Beautiful Scenery


I am a big fan of the UK coastline, and I am amazed at how beautiful this part of Devon is. Devon Cliffs is located in the stunning beach of Sandy Bay and the (huge) park has great views to the channel. Sandy Bay beach is a fantastic place for a great family day out in the typical British way: sand castles, searching for crabs, etc…… The only issue is to make sure the kids go to the toilets before venturing down to the beach!

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2/ Plenty of things to do


If you want to go out for a lunch or dinner the choice is great: Papa Johns Pizza, Fish and Chip Bar, Burger King, Mash and Barrel Pub, Beach Club and you also have a Starbucks, Miss Millie’s Cookies and an indoor sports pub! Kids will be pleased with the big Soft Play, the huge indoor arcade room, and all the outdoor facilities (some free and some require a pass that you can purchase at reception).


Then you also have the indoor and outdoor swimming pool. The indoor pool is big with lots of slides, but it does need a bit of refurbishment!


3/ Facilities.

Devon Cliffs has all the facilities you need for a great family holiday. Supermarket with plenty of choice of foods and drinks (not too overpriced), Laundry, Rental shop, Pottery activity shop, and a souvenir shop.


4/ The team at Devon Cliffs.

I worked many years in the tourism industry in Spain and what makes a great place to go is the staff attitude and friendliness. We’ve been to other Haven Holiday parks and we were not that impressed with the “staff attitude”, but what about Devon Cliffs? No worries at all, because the staff are great! That’s one of the reasons why we always come back, year after year. Everybody from the Reception to supermarket team, waiters and entertainers, everyone is super friendly, always full of smiles and nothing is an inconvenience…..they are so helpful. A special mention to Timothy Venn who is the Guest Relations Manager (very helpful). He is such a credit to Devon Cliffs and it is always nice to see him.


5/ The Entertainment.

This is probably why the our children love it so much there: the amazing entertainment! The team is absolutely fantastic and last year we had the best time ever! They are so friendly, full of energy and they work so hard. Evening time is full of fun, and energy. Get ready to dance, to move your body and to take part in the party games. It is always very nice to see the Sea Side Squad (Haven Holiday Characters).


Final thoughts

If you are looking for the ultimate Family Holiday in “sunny” Devon, look no further: this is the place to go. I highly recommend it, and (this is our 6th time there) trust us it’s a great place. Approved by us! We are going back there on Monday!