Willow and Wild Box-Review of this unique monthly box for children


A few weeks ago my three children received their Willow and Wild Boxes. I have reviewed some childrens boxes in the past but this one is really different as it is not focused on crafting and colouring.

What is Willow and Wild Box?


This box is delivered to you every month (you can pause or cancel anytime). Willow and Wild Box is inspired by nature, the content and activities are focused on outdoor living, seasons, gardening etc….
This is a unique concept and I think this is really exciting for the children. My three little ones (the number 4 is still too young), love being outdoors, the other day they built a hotel for insects in our garden! So as you can imagine, they were very pleased and excited with their boxes!

What is inside the box?

Inside the box (delivered through letter box) you will find almost all the accessories you need to do all the activities. For two of the activities I had to buy lard and cotton wool.

WE made our own Bird feeder 

This was a very messy, and a bit smelly (lard) activity but we had a ton of fun getting this ready for the birds in our garden. Here are some pics of this fun activity to do all together! For sure Nerea, Scarlett and Izan had a great time! And the birds are enjoying the bird feeders! 

Final thoughts.

We had great times in taking part in the activities. We love seeing happy birds in our garden. As a parent I am very pleased to see that this box has some great benefits such as bringing the family all together to do fun and interesting activities and helping each other. Ultimately the best people to give their final thoughts on the boxes are my children, and for them it’s a huge YES! We had great fun doing fun things all together and that’s the most important. There are different levels of subscription that start at £10 per box (pre paid 12 months) or £12.99 monthly rolling basis.

If you don’t have garden don’t worry because all the seeds can be grown in containers! Have fun all together!

Visit Wild and Willow Box here and get more information about their subscription plans!

Highly recommended by Nerea, Scarlett and Izan!