Toppbox March 2018-Review Monthly Grooming Box for Men


The new Toppbox has arrived and as always it is packed with plenty of great products. It's time to start the review of Toppbox March 2018.

What is Toppbox?

This is a unique monthly subscription for men. Toppbox is a grooming box packed with a curated selection of skincare products for men. It costs £19 and it is shipped every 15th of the month (you can pause or stop your subscription at any time).


What is inside the box?

This month the selection of products is really great (one of the best Toppbox's I have received recently). 
The first thing you get is a leaflet that contains the list of the products inside the box (retail price and how to use them). My advice...don’t lose the leaflet!


Pair of socks: Rockbottom by Creative Socks

From time to time Toppbox includes some fashion accessories, and this month I am very pleased to find a pair of socks from Rockbottom. They are super soft, and very funky. If you like bright and colourful will like them a lot! 8/10 £6.95 per pair


Good Day Organics: Hand Balm Intensive Care

I am a big fan of Good Day Organics and I think they deserve more attention from the public because their products are outstanding. This Organic Hand Balm is made of 100% natural ingredients (99% organics). It is perfect for the cold mornings (because unfortunately it is still very cold here in the UK). This balm is thick and gives an outstanding protection all day long. It is unfragranced. This product from Good Day Organics is great and deserves a 9/10!  £9.99


Lip Hero: Lip Balm by Hero

The last step of my daily morning routine is to apply a Lip Balm, then I give a kiss to my wife with soft lips before going to work. This Lip Balm is really nice, it has a very pleasant fragrance, and my lips feel soft for a lot of hours. I have never heard about Flint before, so I am glad this product is included inside the box. Flint has an amazing range of skincare products. I will give this product a 9/10 £15.00


Skin & Tonic London: Calm Clean (cleansing balm) and Organic Cloth

Another impressive product included in this months Toppbox is this cleansing balm which is a really great product that leaves your skin clean and fresh. It doesn’t work as a normal Face Wash, instead you have to apply the balm all around your face, then you have to wet the organic cloth (with hot water) and apply it on your face for 1 minute. It will open the pores and release the essential oils. It smells great and my skin feels like new! 10/10 This is the best product in the box this month! £11,00 and £3.90 for the Organic Cotton Face Cloth


Black Mask by Pure Skincare London

I know that men don’t really like using a mask but I think this product will change your mind. This is a Charcoal Peel Off mask that you have to apply with the brush included. Then you have to wait 15 minutes and peel it off (have fun!). Charcoal is an amazing product that is a powerful cleanser. Perfect to use with your partner/wife and have a Mask Therapy moment! 8/10 £7.99

Final Thoughts:

So overall I think this ToppBox is really great, and for £19.00 you get amazing value for money. If like me you like great skincare products, Toppbox is a must have. 
Visit Toppbox and have a look, I highly recommend it!
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