Woolacombe Beach- A great family Day out: Summer 2019


Hi everyone! It’s Summer time and it means it’s time to go to the beach! Unfortunately the Great British Summer can be a bit unpredictable, but let’s be honest, some beaches here in the South of England are truly stunning.

Going to Woolacombe Beach.


We live in the South West of England in Thornbury (North Bristol), and Woolacombe Beach is not the closest beach to us. In fact it took us 2h15 by car! The M5 was fine (not too busy but a lot of road works), then exit 27 to Barnstable (A and B roads) and finally Woolacombe Beach. The trip was actually fine, we stopped in Barnstable at the Mc Donalds (toilet and coffee break), kids behaved very well in the car!

Here we are!

2019-07-31 09.33.00 1.jpg

The parking can be complicated at Woolacombe Beach so we went to the main car park (it will cost you £8.00 for the day). The advantage of the car park is it’s location (by the top of the path to walk down to the beach). As Elia is older now, we didn’t take the buggy to the beach with us because it’s always a nightmare going to any beach with a buggy! To be fair the kids were very helpful and each of them carried a bag (because when you are 6….you need a lot of bags to go the beach: food, clothes, towels, buckets & spades, folding chairs….). We are not pros like the ones that almost set up a camping site on the beach, but we are improving year after year!

2019-07-29 11.46.48 1.jpg

Woolacombe Beach is great!

We love Woolacombe, this is one of my favourite places in the South West. The beach is stunning, family friendly with lifeguards to check that everybody is safe. If you want a great beach for an amazing day out, Woolacombe is the place to go. I am French and in France we have amazing beaches but I always say that my favourites beaches are in the UK. It is a shame about the water temperature though, but yesterday the water was not that cold, and actually we spent sometimes playing in the water.

2019-07-31 10.08.43 1.jpg

What we love about Woolacombe is the rocks and pools of warm water between the rocks (on the far right of the beach). That’s where we stayed most of the day (great for building sand castles and crab hunting). Nerea (10 1/2), Izan and Scarlett (9..twins) had great fun playing with me in the sea, but it was so great to see Elia (3) having so much fun in the sea and building sand castles.

The tide is high but…..

The tide is high……it’s time to move!

The tide is high……it’s time to move!

We need to talk about the tide. From 2pm the tide was coming and we had to do some emergency moves with all our bags and chairs! We must have moved around 5-6 times, but I think that was part of the fun! Our advice though…..don’t leave your belongings unattended like our neighbours on the beach because when you get back…….you might find your belongings all wet (if you find them at all!). Luckily for the people beside us we kept dragging their picnic blanket back with us each time we moved, but some people might not be so lucky!!

We love the British summer weather!

20190729_161401-01 (2).jpeg

Obviously in a typical British way, by 5 PM we experienced a dramatic change of weather and we had to run back to the car due to heavy showers but this is English weather at the end of the day! Saying that I managed to get burnt on my back so driving home was interesting!


We really had a great time at Woolacombe Beach. We love it there and if you are on holiday in the south of England or thinking about a great family beach day, we can’t recommend it enough. Woolacombe is an amazing family destination. It is also a fantastic place for surfers and the general vibe of the beach and the surroundings (bar/restaurants) is really great. Woolacombe is for sure a feel good beach!

I took a lot of pictures for this post (with my Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus), edited mainly with VSCO and Snapseed (both apps available on iOS or Android).

Thanks for reading this post and see you very soon. Have great fun!