5 reasons why you must go to Devon Cliffs-Haven Holiday for a family break!

Hi everyone. It’s summer holidays and lots of families are going to be spending time at a Haven Holiday Resort in the UK. We are big fans of Devon Cliffs, the popular holiday park in Devon. I have previously written a full review about our time there as a family, and more recently we spent another week there during Easter (2017). I think this was our fourth visit. Instead of writing another detailed review about our stay, I have decided to give you 5 reasons why you must go to Devon Cliffs with Haven Holiday.

1/ Location-Location-Location

Devon Cliffs is located by Sandy Bay beach near Exmouth. It is a very nice 2 hour drive journey from Bristol. The beach is fantastic! The sea view is very impressive, and the way the park is designed makes it a great place to spend a week or a weekend. The Sandy Beach is just stunning, where the water is clear and the sand is perfect for a sand castle competition! You have to go along a pretty steep path to get to it but it is worth it. 

2/ Great accommodation for families

We have four young children so we always book a three bedroom caravan. The first holiday we went on we had a Standard Plus caravan but the last few times we have enjoyed our stay in a Prestige caravan. We always book in October when you can enjoy a good discount! The Prestige Caravans are amazing, with plenty of space for the kids. The caravans are spacious, modern, and they are perfect for a great and busy holiday.

3/ That's what I call Entertainment

Years ago my wife and I used to work as Hotel Entertainers in Mallorca and Tenerife, so we know how important it is to have great family entertainment. You won’t be disappointed here, because the team are friendly, energetic and have a fantastic programme with evening games, party disco and shows for all the family. My kids are always so excited when they see Anxious, Bradley, Greedy, DJ Ned, Polly and Rory (the Haven Mascots). The Entertainment venue is very busy though but I think that’s part of the holiday fun. It’s not everyday that my kids are jumping and dancing around on a dance floor with disco lights, entertainers and hundreds of other children. 

4/ Amazing Facilities

Devon Cliffs is a huge holiday park, but we have to give credit to Haven Holiday because the facilities and installations are amazing and always kept up to date. The indoor pool is fantastic with a great slide. My kids went to the Pool Party and had wonderful time. The inside supermarket is big and it’s not over priced either. There is a Starbucks (that’s very important especially in the morning!), a Burger King, Papa Johns, Fish and Chips, Sport bar, Mash Barrel Pub, Miss Millies cookies and the arcade area is huge (paradise for children). You cannot be bored and whatever the weather is,  you will always find something to do! 

5/Friendly Staff

Two years ago in summer, we went to Norfolk Caister on Sea Haven Holiday. The place is much smaller than Devon Cliffs but we had a great time. The Entertainment team, and the Indoor Pool team were very nice, but we found the rest of the staff to be not that friendly unfortunately, and some of them clearly weren't happy to be at work! But that’s not the case at Devon Cliffs and that’s why it is in the Top 5 reasons why you must go to this holiday park. Friendly staff make the difference and that’s why we are always coming back year after year. The reception team is great, the Entertainment team is fantastic, the bar staff and all the waiting staff of each of the restaurants are always polite and friendly. The Starbucks team is great, and even the ladies at the Hire Shop are plenty of fun (they liked my french charm...)! Honestly we can’t fault the Devon Cliffs team and they are a credit to the park. I have mentioned him before in a previous post and I have to give him credit again, Timothy Venn is the Customer Relations Manager. He is always friendly, helpful and ready to solve any issues or queries.  Great job everybody!

So here you have 5 great reasons why you must go to Devon Cliffs Haven Holiday. I know summer holiday weather in Devon is always a gamble, but we always go at Easter and the weather is always amazing.

If you want to find out more about Devon Cliffs, or want to book your next stay, please visit Haven Holiday.com

In August (Monday 14th) we are going to another Haven Holiday Park. It is called Hafan y Mor in North Wales and we will tell you everything about it when we come back!

Once again thank you for reading and sharing.