A day out at Wapping Wharf-Bristol-Cargo 1 and Cargo 2

I love Bristol on a Sunday morning. There is something great about it. First the traffic chaos is almost non existent, and the city is buzzing. People look more relaxed and much happier too! So yesterday (Sunday 25th of June), we decided to spend the morning on the other side of Bristol by the Harbour. This side of the city is really great with plenty of new places to eat, drink and shop. 

Hello Wapping Warf!

Bristol Cargo 1 at Wapping Wharf

We parked the car by the small bridge to reach the M Shed Museum and Wapping Warf Quarter. This is a relatively new development in the historical heart of Bristol. I love the design of the area, it's very urban-dockside and extremely stylish but quite minimalist which is perfect in my opinion. 

When you enter the area by the M Shed (free museum for everyone), you might see the Bristol Harbour Steam Railway. We were lucky to see the train coming back to the station by the M Shed entrance.

Bristol Harbour Railway.

Hello cargo 1 & 2: independent retailers & bars at its best

I really like the concept of Cargo 1 and Cargo 2, I think it's genius and looks amazing. It's made of shipping containers and it looks really great. There are a wide selection of independent retailers and bars from a Flower Shop to Greek Restaurant. I have to say I am very impressed with this side of Bristol, and I think it will very soon become my favourite place in town. 

The surrounding of Cargo 1 & 2 in the Wapping Wharf Quarter is also a very trendy place to be with nice restaurants, shops and even a very busy Organic Supermarket! 

BetterFood Bristol
The twins (Scarlett & Izan) had a great time!

The twins (Scarlett & Izan) had a great time!

bristol harbourside

On our way back we decided to walk by the famous Bristol Floating Harbourside, and the weather was nice which is always a bonus, especially with children.

Izan and his big sister Nerea had a great time by the Bristol Harbourside.

Izan and his big sister Nerea had a great time by the Bristol Harbourside.

society cafe: the best cafe in town

Outside Society Cafe

Outside Society Cafe

On the other side of the Harbour, we decided to grab a cafe Latte on the go. I am glad we were in need of coffee because Society Cafe is an amazing place. The decor is very minimalist and it has a really good Scandinavian style about it. Also, without a doubt it was the best coffee I've drank in a very long time, outstanding! It is clear that Society Cafe is now my favourite coffee shop in town! As you know I recently started my Youtube Channel and I will be doing some filming around the Harbour Side and inside Society Cafe.  

We had a lovely family time by Wapping Wharf and the Harbourside. This is a very nice part of Bristol and I highly recommend it to all of you. If you are coming soon to Bristol, you will love the amazing vibe of the city and the Harbourside.

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by Jerome-Bristol 26th June-Photo: iPhone 6S Plus