iPhone 6S Plus Photography: Day out in London-February 2017

Prewett Miller Flower Shop. 53 Connaught Street

Hello everyone. I have been an Android/Samsung Galaxy user for many years now. My last smartphone was the excellent Samsung Galaxy S6. However this year I decided to make some changes. I wanted a bigger phone, with great battery, excellent camera and lag free (if possible). So I went for the iPhone 6S Plus (couldn't afford the 7 Plus...and I still need a jack connector). The iPhone 6S Plus is a fantastic phone with a beautiful screen, a huge battery that lasts all day, and the camera is simply fantastic. The Samsung Galaxy S6 took better pictures in low light conditions, but the videos recorded with the iPhone 6S Plus are outstanding. Overall for what I expect from a smartphone, my iPhone 6S Plus and iOS are my new best companions.

London-6th of February 2017

Yesterday I spent the day in London with my beautiful wife Corrinna and our baby Elia. We walked a lot of miles and I took a lot of pictures. As always London is an amazing, vibrant and feel good city. Here are some of my photos I took in London with my iPhone 6S Plus. I hope you like them and please feel free to comment!

Radnor Mews

Connaught Close

Marble Arch

Apple Store-Regent Street

Regent Street

Liberty-Department Store

Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street


Buckingham Palace



Photos taken in London-Monday 6th of February 2017

Taken with iPhone 6S Plus

Edited with: Photos app-VSCO-Snapseed