Dozenwinks traditional shaving: full review


This will be my last post of 2016 and I am going to talk about traditional shaving with a new subscription service called Dozen Winks. I have previously reviewed some other monthly shaving subscription boxes, but this one is different. Welcome to the world of Traditional Shaving safety razor, brush and shaving cream. Is Dozen Winks any good? Is this the right shaving subscription box for you? Let’s find out: Guys and Dads, sit down and relax, this is my full review of


What is Dozenwinks and how does it work?

DozenWinks is a shaving subscription service with some differences to the previous one I reviewed. Firstly, this is all about traditional/wet shaving. When other monthly subscriptions send you the razor and blades for the first box, then blades every 4 weeks, Dozen Winks sends you a brand new shaving set every 6, 12 or 18 weeks.
The standard box includes the following: Razor Blades and Matchsticks, Shaving Cream and the amazing Pre-Shave Soap. Then with the first box you will get for free the Double Edge Safety Razor and a very nice shaving brush. According to DozenWinks: if you love your skin…..then wet shaving (traditional shaving) is the way to go.

Inside the box and quality of products:

dozen winks inside

The packaging is nice and the products are well presented. The box is glossy black, and I think it will appeal perfectly to everyone.
When you open the box you will immediately notice the strong smell of the Pre Shave Soap. Don’t smells great and this soap is just amazing (carry on reading this review and find out more about this incredible soap!)

The Double Edge Safety Razor looks really great. It feels amazing on the hand, it is not too light or too heavy. The look of this razor is very well designed and it really looks like a Premium product. If you are into traditional shaving or if this is your first safety razor you will be very pleased. I have reviewed a lot of razors and this is probably one of the most stylish ones.

dozen winks safety razor

Gillette Razor Blades: The pack of blades included in the box are the Gillette 7 o’clock sharp edge. They work perfectly with the Double Edge Safety Razor. The quality of those razor blades is excellent. Get ready for a very close shave! Excellent choice of blades from DozenWinks. You will get 4 packs with every box...enough til you get your next delivery.

Gillette 7 o'clock blades

Matchsticks: Let's put it this way: traditional shaving requires some techniques and when you are new to it, you might experience some little cuts. That’s when the London Matchsticks comes in very handy. They heal any cuts in seconds, they have anti bacterial property and I promise you they will become your best buddy for your Traditional Shaving routine! A must have!

Shaving Cream: Hello Sandalwood! I've already mentioned this product in a previous review, and again this shaving cream from the old Taylor of Bond Street is one of my favourite products. This cream is a joy to apply with the brush included. The smell of sandalwood is very masculine and a great way to start the day. My skin is not really sensitive but some shaving foams/creams can irritate my skin or increase the amount of nasty cuts on my face. This Old Taylor of Bond Street is one of the best on my skin. Again, each skin is different and what works for me, might not work for you, but I really doubt you will be disappointed with this shaving cream.

Shaving cream taylor of old bond street

Shaving Brush: A good shaving cream needs a good shaving brush. So Dozen Winks has included a soft and pleasant shaving brush. This is not the best brush I have used but the quality is good. It’s very soft and provides a thick lather (essential for a good traditional shave). Don’t forget to take care of shaving is a very important accessory on your shaving routine. 

Pre Shave Soap: I left this product to the end because I wanted to talk a little bit more about it. In my opinion this is the star of the box. This pine tar soap has become my favourite face wash. First the smell is great, powerful and masculine. The cleansing power of this soap is just amazing. My face has never felt so clean. I use it as daily cleanser...morning and evening. This is my favourite product and I think Dozen Winks has done really well with this product. You will love it!

How much does it cost?

You have three subscription levels (all includes the same products and costs the same: £29.99)
-Daily: if you shave 5-7 days a week, Dozen Winks will send you a brand new box every 6 weeks
-Now and then: if you shave 2-4 times a week, you will get a brand new box every 12 weeks
-Not often: if you shave once a week or less, you will get your box every 18 weeks.

Final thoughts:

Another month, another shaving monthly subscription box? Well not exactly, because Dozen Winks is not only about blades. The product selection is really good and it is clear that the team behind this company knows a lot about shaving. This is traditional shaving, so it requires some learning (if you are new to it). Personally I think Dozen Winks is a really good option if you are used to Traditional/Wet shaving or want to join the movement! Personally I am not that much of a fan of using this method on a daily basis, but I appreciate the high quality of the products.  At £29.99 this is not on the cheap side, but for what you get I think it is correctly priced. 

Who's that for?


This is for the dad/guy:

  • who wants to try traditional shaving for the first time
  • who is used to wet shaving and wishes to receive a monthly supply of blades and products at home.
  • who wants a close shave

This is not for the dad/guy

  • who likes a quick shave in a morning (I don't blame you...who doesn't like a quickie in the morning!).
  • who has a long term love affair with his Gillette razor
  • who is extremely proud of his beard (however...thanks for reading).

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