Socks in a box review: A great way to get a new pair of socks every month

Disclaimer: sent me a free box for review purposes. This post reflect my honest opinion about their service and product

Hooray! There is a new subscription box for men in the UK. That’s good news, because while you can find a lot of monthly subscriptions for the ladies, men have it a little bit harder to find great subscription boxes (other than shaving blades). This is my full review of a UK company that promises to send you great quality pair of socks every month. Do they deliver? Let’s find out right now. review

What is

The concept behind socksinabox is quite simple. You purchase a 3 months, 6 months or 12 months subscription and you will get a new, quality pair of socks every month (for the duration of your subscription). Socksinabox has 14 different types of socks, from bright and colourful (the dude collection) to the Classic Man. The choice is great and you can even get some socks in bamboo fabric!

Packaging and what's in the box?

I really like it when a company takes the time and effort to create nice packaging for their products. I think that socksinabox has done things right here. The cardboard box is simple, minimalist and sturdy.  As the box is thin it will go directly through the letter box!

When you open the box, you are greeted with a nice little leaflet to thank you, and if this is a birthday present you get another leaflet with a Happy Birthday message and a little explanation about

Then of course you will find your pair of socks - because after all, this is all about socks in a box! inside the box

What about the socks?

me wearing socksinabox

I received a pair of socks from the Dude collection. The first thing I noticed is that the fabric is extremely soft and it feels really great. The overall feeling is that this is an excellent pair of socks, very well made. The design of the “Dude collection” is bright, colourful and full of stripes. It is a one size fits all. I am very happy with the pair of socks I received and the quality is really great. My only complaint is that I don’t know what are the socks made of. The label says: Socks may contain cotton, polyester, bamboo, lycra etc… but to be honest, it would be nice to know the type of fabrics used. 

How much does it cost? offers three types of subscriptions. You can purchase a 3 months, 6 months or 12 months subscription. doesn’t work on a monthly rolling subscription.
The 3 month plan costs: £19.99. The 6 month plan costs £34.99 and the 12 months costs £67.99. Note that has also a collection of premium fabrics socks that are more expensive.

Customer service and website.

The experience is really straight forward and navigating through their website is easy. They have a detailed FAQ’s part that is really helpful if you have any questions or queries.  And if you want to contact them you can send a message directly through the website or social media (Twitter for example). Customer service is fast, friendly and you shouldn’t experience any issues. Thanks to 3 different pre-paid subscription plans you don’t have the stress of miss payment or cancelling the subscription.

Final thoughts is fresh, and has a lot of potential. The quality of the product is really good, the 3, 6, 12 months plan is an excellent idea and perfect for a birthday/Christmas present. 
The choice of 14 different collections of socks is another plus. If like me you are a sock “addict” or if you are in urgent need of new socks….I highly recommend you to subscribe to

Quality of product: 5*****
Price: 5*****
Customer service: 5*****
Delivery: 5*****
Product description: 4****

Who is that for?

It's for you if:

  • you are addicted to brand new pairs of socks
  • you don't like sock shopping
  • if you have hole in your socks
  • if you are looking for the perfect companion to your new pair of shoes

It's not for you if:

  • you hate socks
  • you live in a warm country and wear flip flops all day long
  • if you are proud of the holes in your socks

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I hope you have enjoyed this review. As always I love reading your comments. Feel free to share and spread the word.