5 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to Toppbox


Every month I publish a review about the monthly Toppbox, but today I have decided to do something a bit different. A lot of people asked me if the subscription is worth it. So here are my 5 reasons why you must subscribe to Toppbox.

1/ A box made for us by a great team.


There are a lot of beauty boxes for women on the market, but there is only one grooming box for us - and this is Toppbox. It is made especially for us by a team that knows a lot about skincare products for men. For me that’s a very important point because it shows how great and dedicated Toppbox is.

2/ Unique selection of products.

Skincare products for men is a booming market, but I am always amazed to find such a small selection of products for us at Boots, Superdrug, and Tesco etc… The only place where you might get something different is at TK Maxx, but very often it is imported from the USA. With Toppbox you can be sure to find some amazing products from really great brands. Honestly, I think that I know a lot about skincare but with Toppbox I have discovered a lot of brands and products I was not aware of, like this amazing Eye Gel from Lunar (in last month’s Toppbox)….probably the best Eye Gel I have ever tried!


3/Support UK products.

Traditionally the UK has always been great at producing fragrances and beauty products. And there is a very dynamic industry especially with natural/organic/vegan products. The majority of products that you will find in Toppbox are made in the UK, like the excellent Good Day Organics or Fit Pit that I have discovered in one of the boxes!


4/ Great value for money

Beauty boxes for women are available for £11-£13 but the value they offer is not great (my wife has tried them all and eventually cancelled all of them!). Toppbox costs £19 but the value is very high and you can get products worth £45-£55.


5/ Delivered to you house with British punctuality

Toppbox is delivered every month to the comfort of your home, and what is amazing is that it is never late. Every 15-16th of the month the postman will knock on your door with your Toppbox and that’s an amazing feeling!


So here you have my 5 reasons why you should subscribe to Toppbox, and don’t worry if you are not satisfied, you can cancel at anytime (even if I am sure this won’t happen).

Thanks for reading, and it’s time to take care of your skin!