Toppbox April 2019-Review and Unboxing


If you are familiar with this blog, you have probably already read one of my reviews about Toppbox, and if it’s the first time you are reading this blog, it’s clear you would like to subscribe to Toppbox.

So what is Toppbox?

Toppbox is the only “beauty-grooming” monthly box for men in the UK. Recently another box launched but they stopped after a few months. Toppbox has been here for many years and they know what you need, and their selection of products is always amazing. Toppbox is delivered every month around the 15th-16th, and it costs you only £19 with free delivery.

What’s inside Toppbox April 2019?

Barber Pro: Foaming Cleansing Mask:


Barber Pro is an award winning British brand with amazing grooming products for guys (very funky packaging by the way). This cleansing mask is made with activated charcoal and it helps to clean deep into the pores. Result: fresh, and healthy skin. Leave on for 10 minutes.

Zeos for Men: Face Scrub


I discovered Zeos for men thanks to Toppbox few years ago. I am a big fan of their products and personally I think that the Face Scrub is one of their best products. It smells great, it is made with Shea Butter, natural vitamins E and B5. I use it 2-3 times a week in the morning instead of my Face Wash. Outstanding product in my opinion!

Up Circle: Soap Bar infused with Chai Spices.


In our house we are gradually replacing products that come in plastic bottles, like hand-soaps and shampoo to soap bars/shampoo soap bars. This is a long process but so rewarding, and I am very happy to see a soap bar included in this months Toppbox. I didn’t know the brand Up Circle before, and this is one of the many benefits of Toppbox. You will discover a lot of great British brands that are almost impossible to find in your local Boots or Superdrug! This Soap Bar is simply amazing, the fragrance is really powerful and it leaves your skin clean and soft. Probably the best and most surprising product of the month!

Seacret: Body Exfoliator made with 71% Dead Sea Salt


Get ready for a deep cleasing shower, because this stuff is simply incredible. It will leave your skin absolutely soft and well exfoliated. Don’t use every day, but once or twice a week.

Anatomicals Restorative Hair Mask.


Anatomicals is a funky skincare and hair care brand. As with all Anatomicals products, the way to use the product is really straight forward and effective. Apply a generous amount onto wet hair, leave 5 minutes and rinse! Use it after shampoo and before conditioner for the best result.

Another month, another great Toppbox. This month my box smells fantastic thanks to the Up Circle Soap Bar, and the selection of products is top notch!

Click on the Link and enjoy your new Toppbox!

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