Bearded Colonel: Review. A great shaving subscription service

Disclaimer: I received a razor and blades from Bearded Colonel free of charge for my review. However this post reflects my honest opinion of this product.

Monthly subscription services are a booming sector in the UK. In 2016 we have seen the number of Shaving monthly subscription services increased with the arrival of plenty of new companies. I had the pleasure to review some of them and unfortunately not everything is as great as it seems in the shaving subscription world! However I was excited to try the Bearded Colonel razor and blades for this review. Here is what I think about this service.

1- My skin and shaving requirements.

When I was a teenager, I never suffered from bad acne/spots on my face. My skin is normal, but can be seriously irritated with the wrong shaving products. Also I can get a lot of bad cuts if I use a bad razor/blades/shaving cream. Since July I decided to grow a short beard but since the beginning of this week I am back to my daily shave. So that's my type of skin, and I think this is important for you to know because this review is based on my skin and how the products feel on my face.

2-What did I receive?

Bearded Colonel sent me the razor and a very cool tin of blades for my monthly requirement. Also a shaving brush and a shaving cream from Taylor of Old Bond Street were included in the parcel. Both products can be purchased on their website. I really like the metal tin. I think this is really practical and a great idea.

3-The razor.

This razor is black, really black. Don't expect to see a little bit of shiny metal or a hint of any other colour. The razor looks great. The Bearded Colonel razor has a nice shape and it feels good on the hand. I will give it a 4**** because I think it could be slightly heavier.

4-The Blades

This is probably the most important part of your shaving routine: great blades. I am happy to say Bearded Colonel won't disappoint you. The blades are sharp and provide an excellent, close shave. I didn't experienced any irritations or cuts like I have done with other subscription services. Honestly, I think the blades from Bearded Colonel are the ones to beat. My only issue is that they will last around 1 week if you shave everyday. Some blades from leading manufacturers can last a bit longer. 5*****.  The tin provided by Bearded Colonel is where you keep your blades: Great idea!


This is a monthly subscription but if you don't shave often you can choose the option to receive a pack of 4 blades every 2 months and 3 months. If you shave every day, the obvious choice is the monthly subscription: 4 blades every 4 weeks. The first time you subscribe you will receive the razor free of charge. The subscription costs £10 and you can buy some great accessories: soaps etc.. on their online shop. You can pause or cancel the subscription at any time and their customer service is great. They know what they are talking about!


I have already tested 6 different shaving subscription services (more reviews coming soon), and honestly this is one of my favourites. The razor feels good, I get a close shave without irritation and the range of accessories they sell on their online store is of excellent quality. Do I recommend Bearded Colonel? Yes, absolutely. That's a great service, and if your skin doesn't like it, you can cancel it at anytime.