British Barbers Association: Shaving Oil, Butter and Post Shave Balm Review


Thanks to Mankind (the most amazing men skincare shop in the UK), I have recently discovered an amazing brand that I have added to my daily routine.

The British Barbers Associations from Poole in Dorset UK has a great range of skincare/shaving/hair styling products for men. For the last three weeks I've tried the shaving oil, the shaving butter and the post shave balm and here is what I think about these products.

British Barbers Association: Shave Oil

I'm a big fan of shaving oils, and I think this is an amazing way of shaving. This Shave Oil is absolutely fantastic (probably one of the best shaving oils I have ever used). It is easy to apply, you only need a few drops and then massage onto your face. The British Barbers Association Shave Oil is made of Prickly Pear Seed Oil which is one of the most expensive beauty oils in the world. It helps to aid in skin rejuvenation and removing dark spots; easily penetrates the skin and has a high anti-oxidant level; and is great for calming skin irritation.

This shave oil is available at Mankind for £24.00

British Barbers Association: Shave Butter

This shave butter/cream is another truly amazing product from the British Barbers Association.  It provides a very close shave with no cuts and no irritation. If you like shave cream, this is la creme de la creme! I have tried a lot of shaving products and without a doubt this is one of my favourites. I have been using this shave cream 2 or 3 times a week and the rest of the days I tested the shave oil. You can apply it with a brush or your hands. 

The Shave Butter is available at Mankind for £16.00

British Barbers Associations: Post Shave Balm.

An excellent shaving routine is not complete without a good After Shave Balm. The choice of balms is almost endless but some can irritate my skin and others give can give me spots. So what about this Post Shave Balm with Dragon’s blood. In one word, AMAZING! The cream has a red colour and is quite thick which is good (I'm not a fan of light Post Shave Balms). When I apply this Post Shave Balm from the British Barber Association my skin feels refreshed and great. I'm very happy that I have added this product to my daily shaving routine.

The Post Shave Balm is available on Mankind for £24.


As always I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. What is your favourite after shave balm? Are you cream, oil, gel or shaving foam? Let me know in the comment section. Have a nice day and more posts are on the way!