Christian Benedict Shirts: Full Review-Quality Shirt delivered every month.

If like me you are a fan of monthly subscription boxes, great news - there is a new one in town and this time it’s all about a must have fashion in every man's wardrobe.

Christian Benedict is a new company that promises to send you a brand new long sleeved quality shirt every month. Let’s find out what it’s all about, and before I start it’s time for a little disclaimer: I received a free Christian Benedict box for review purposes but the opinions expressed in this review are completely mine.

How does it work?

The concept is really simple: you choose how often you’d like to receive a shirt, get your measurements right, setup your account and you’re good to go. The subscription choices are: each box costs £24.95 and you can choose to receive your box every month, every 60 days or every 90 days. Whatever subscription type you choose, you get free delivery and free return if you are not happy with the size or the product.  And you can cancel at anytime if you are not satisfied with the service.

What's in the box?

Christian Benedict Shirt Inside the box

The delivery was fast and trouble free thanks to Royal Mail. The box is well presented (I value nice packaging and the Christian Benedict box is nicely designed).
Inside the box was the shirt, a pair of black socks, a leaflet and the return label.
The packaging is minimalist, well designed and it definitely adds a touch of luxury.

What about the quality of the shirt?

Christian Benedict White Shirt

Every man should own one or more white shirt in their wardrobe. What I value the most in a classic white shirt is the fit and quality of fabric. I admit that at £24.95 I honestly didn’t expect to receive such a great shirt with this level of quality.

The fabric 100% Cotton feels amazing, not too thin, not too thick as other shirts on the market. The cut is also really great. I hate a baggy shirt and the Christian Benedict shirt is just perfect: not too slim fit, and definitely not too baggy. £25 is the average price for a shirt at Zara or Next, but I personally think the Christian Benedict shirt is way better  Excellent value for money!

The experience

I really like the way Christian Benedict advise you on your right size/fit. It takes a little bit of time because you need to take quite a few measurements but once done correctly I guarantee you will receive the perfect shirt. The experience is a bit like a personal shopper because if you are unsure about sizing, ask the customer service and they will help you almost immediately. That’s something that I value a lot: approachable, friendly, professional and efficient (something that we tend to forget too often).

Do I recommend it?

Absolutely, and without a doubt. I have reviewed a lot of subscription services, and most of them are good, but you could easily swap from one to another. But with Christian Benedict Shirt I think that’s not the case. The quality of the shirt is so great that at £25 you have to subscribe and try it. I like the free return, the customer service, and the excellent quality of the product. Honestly it has exceeded my expectations. My only issue is that online it only shows three colours of shirts: White, Pink and Blue (all are a must have in a man's wardrobe). I know they are working on more designs and I can’t wait to see them. I hope the new addition will be as great as the one available now.

Christian Benedict Subscription Box

Father's Day is fast approaching and I think this would be the perfect present. Give it a try, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.  For more information:

Let me know about your favourite shirt? Is a white shirt a must have in your wardrobe? Feel free to comment! Have a nice day!