Next NX Skin Formula: Full Review

When you are thinking about skincare products, we can all agree that NEXT is not an obvious shopping destination. But this is not true anymore, because one of the nations favourite clothes retailers has a new range of skincare for men that is definitely worth trying.

A few months ago, I purchased the NX Skin Formula Gift Set for men. I paid £18 and I have been using it almost everyday. I stopped using it for one month because I had to review other new products but now I am using the NX Skin Formula products again and I am truly enjoying it.

The concept

Forget about specific skincare products that target one type of skin, or a specific need/problem. The NX SKin Formula range is all about simplicity. In a way it's refreshing because sometimes having a huge choice of products is not always a good thing. Most of the products of the Next skincare range uses Aloe Vera and Q10, which is really great for your skin. The packaging is also very well designed, it has a nice "masculine" touch, and it clearly displays the benefit of each product. The range is made up of 4 skincare products, a Hair/Body Wash and an amazing scented candle! I didn't buy the Body Wash so I can't comment on that.


active face wash-nx skin formula-next £4.00

The first product that I use on my morning routine is the Active Face Wash. This gentle gel based face wash is enriched with Pro Vitamin B5 and Q10. NEXT claims that their face wash is refreshing and invigorating and they are right! It's a pleasure using it every morning. It is really fresh, smells great and leaves my skin really clean. My advice is to use it every morning and night before going to bed. It's a really great face wash and at £4.00 it's one of the best you can get!

Post Shave Balm-NX Skin Formula-Next £6.00

Unfortunately the NX Skin Formula range doesn't include a shave gel or cream so the next product I use in my morning routine is the excellent Post Shave Balm. It contains Aloe Vera which is amazing for my skin. The smell is really nice and the balm is not too light, not too thick and I don't get any irritation or spots after using it. This is a joy to use after my daily shave (no...I don't have a beard anymore!) and the Post Shave Balm by Next has become one of my favourite After Shave Balms. It costs £6.00 and as you don't need to apply a lot, it will last you 2 months easily. Another impressive product from the NX Skin Formula by NEXT.

Moisturiser with uv filters-nx skin formula-next £6.00

A good morning routine is not complete without a moisturising cream. To be honest it can be hard to find a good moisturiser, especially with UV Filters, because the texture can be very thick a bit like sun cream. The NX SKin Formula range comes with a moisturiser with UV Filter..hurray! It only costs £6.00 and it is surprisingly good. It has Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil which provides an amazing scent, and the UV Filters is a necessary addition especially in summer. I really like the texture because it's not too thick for a moisturiser with UV Filter, and it refreshes my skin, and has this nice smooth effect! After a good morning shave, and the post shave balm, this moisturiser is the perfect complement to my morning routine. My skin looks fresh, clean, and I don't have any irritations either. At £6.00 it is a really affordable moisturiser that I am convinced is suitable for the majority of guys. 

under eye gel-nx skin formula-next £4.00

The last product that I use daily is an eye cream/gel. I know that this might not be obvious to a lot of men, but yes eyes needs a little bit of care too. The Under Eye Gel from Next is really refreshing. With Aloe Vera, it helps to reduce the "dark" circles and what I call "bags" under my eyes. As any eye gel/cream this is not a miracle cream, but it is a really pleasant gel to apply every morning. It smells great, and the texture is really nice too. It only costs £4.00 and I highly recommend it. Trust me, it's worth giving it a try. The best way to use a eye gel is to apply in the morning after your routine, and remember to use a tiny bit under your eyes. My advice is to use it also at night after you have washed your face.

final thoughts

I think it's easy to see that I really like the NX Skin Formula range for men by NEXT. It is really cheap, easy to use, focused on the basic and the quality of the products is very good. The problem is that Next is well known to discontinue products on a regular basis (especially their men fragrances), and it might happen to the NX Skin Formula (who knows?). Please NEXT if you are reading....keep the range and maybe add some more products like a shaving gel and facial scrub! The gift set costs £18 and includes all the products and I think it's terrific value for money.  One more think, Next has included a scented candle in their skincare range: it has a fragrance of Cedar and Sage and costs only £5.00. This is a really great masculine scent, and trust me it's an amazing candle with a very nice and clean smell. Probably one of the nicest candles I've bought recently. And surprisingly at £5.00 the scent lasts quite a long  time. 

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