Fit Skincare: Lip Serum Review. A great Lip Balm for men

A few months ago I had the pleasure to review the amazing Fit Moisturising Serum. Fit is a mens skincare brand based in the UK that makes some outstanding products. So when I received the new Fit Lip  Serum to review I was pleased because this is the kind of product I really need.

During the day I work outside and in the winter the British weather is not the most enjoyable: cold, windy, and rain too! Protecting our lips is also very important for us men. I know this is probably the last thing we have on our minds, but trust me, this is something we have to do on a daily basis.

The product:

The Fit Lip Serum  is the perfect solution for us men. Firstly it is taste and shine free. Personally I dislike lip balm with a "fruit" taste or that's very shiny either. So I think that  Fit has nailed it: a great product for men.


I used this product every day just before going to work, and It really works. It protects my lips, and I never felt the wintery British weather on my lips. According to FIT, the Lip Serum seals in moisture and repairs and protects lips from the elements. A unique blend of marine & botanical extracts delivers lasting hydration. Vitamin C & Calendula extract repairs damage & soothes inflammation and OXY-FIT-10 fuels skin cell regeneration. And guess what? Like the fantastic Moisturising Ultra Serum, this product simply delivers. 


The packaging:

Fit Skincare took special care with the packaging: it reflects perfectly the luxury touch of the brand. It comes in a 5ml mini dispenser. Don't be afraid with the size because believe me you only need a tiny amount to protect your lips. And the 5 ml Fit Lip Serum will last you months....

Final thoughts:

This product is a must-have for any man, but I strongly recommend it for men and dads (like me) that work outside during the day. This product is great, really amazing.

I am very impressed with Fit Skincare. The Fit Moisturising Ultra Serum is an outstanding product (read my review here) and this Lip Serum is another great product. I invite you to visit their website where you can discover the complete range of skincare/body products for men. At the moment you can enjoy a 20% off with the following coupon code: XMAS20

Fit Skincare is a great choice for a unique Christmas present! Many thanks for reading, sharing and spreading the word! As always I welcome all your comments. Have a great day...and don't forget your FIT Lip Serum!