The Personal Barber: Full Review-Traditional Shaving in a box

They call themselves “Purveyors of Handsome Living”. But the question is, are they delivering? It’s time to find out what’s behind The Personal Barber: a monthly box specialised in the art of wet shaving/traditional shaving.

Disclaimer: I received this box from The Personal Barber free of charge but this review reflects my honest opinion about this product.

What is The Personal Barber?

Like the vinyls, wet shaving is back in fashion. For some people this is the best way to get an absolutely close shave. The Personal Barber is a monthly subscription box with a twist: every month they will surprise you with a selection of great products for your shaving time. The Personal Barber wants to provide you with a complete solution for all your shaving needs: razor, blades and amazing skincare products.

What's inside the box?

A few weeks ago I received the box at home (delivered by Royal Mail). I know that for some guys, packaging is not important, but in my opinion if a company takes extra care in the packaging details, this is already a good step in the right direction. And I think that The Personal Barber has done something great. The box is simple, sturdy and minimalist: good work here!
The first thing I noticed when I opened the box is the powerful and lovely smell of the shaving soap...just like at the local Barbers!

The shaving soap is from Phoenix and Beau. This soap is called Albion: Bergamot-Lavender-Grapefruit. This is the 50g and it will last you until you get your new box. The smell is really pleasant and has this masculine touch that will remind you of the local barber. This product is quality and I mean it. They use their own hands to blend each essential oil. Each soap needs 4 weeks to cure before it can be sold. This is artesan and family business at its best. This is a great shaving soap: Excellent choice from The Personal Barber

Inside the box there is a nice blade safe from Rockwell Razor. This is where you will dispose of your used blades. I like the minimalist design. Safety in style!

The other grooming product that is included inside the box is an After Shave Balm from Skin Stuff 4blokes. It’s Paraben-Chemical and sulphates free. It’s 97.5% natural and according to the brand it has cooling effect, fights wrinkles, hydrates, soothes and protects. So how is it? I would say it's OK, but nothing special to be honest. I didn’t feel the cooling effect, but my skin felt nice and I didn’t experience any irritation. I've tried a lot of aftershave balms, and in my opinion this is average/ok. A bit disappointing.

Every month you will receive a different brand of blades. I think this is a great way to change your shaving routine. This month I got a pack of 5 blades from a Russian (St Petersburg) brand called: Sputnik. The second brand is called Super Max (from India). I experienced a great and close shave with both blades. I am not a specialist in wet shaving blades but Sputnik and Super Max did the job. Great selection!

Only with the first box!

  1. The shaving brush is super soft, well made. If you expect quality from your shaving won’t be disappointed. Honestly this is really soft and works perfectly well with the shaving soap.
  2. The Safety Razor: The design is extremely stylish and I like the way the logo is engraved. It has a good weight and as soon as you place a blade on it, this safety razor will provide you an excellent shave. It looks really great in my bathroom! Excellent job from The Personal Barber.

How much does it cost?

Each box costs £24.95 with free delivery in the UK. This is not a cheap subscription box, but you get way more than just new blades every month. It is clear that the team behind The Personal Barber know a lot about shaving. On their website you can choose from a month to month (you can stop at any time) to a 3 month prepay, 6 month prepay or 12 months prepay for £299.40
If you click on the link below you can get a 20% off your order (use code: DADBRITAIN)

Final thoughts:

I have to admit that wet shaving does give you a really close shave, but this is not my favourite way of shaving. So I am not the perfect customer for The Personal Barber, but I know when a razor is good, and this one is very good. I like the concept, the convenience, and the surprise effect with a new box every month. I am really impressed with the Shaving Soap from Phoenix and Beau but a little disappointed by the choice of the aftershave balm. It is a bit pricey, but I have seen what's included in other boxes and the choice of skincare products is excellent. 

If you want to try wet shaving I think this is an excellent option (especially with the 20% discount).
If you don’t need to be convinced about wet shaving and if you are not scared of trying new soaps, balms, blades and other grooming products every month, The Personal Barber is definitely for you.  However, if you are the type of guy that uses the same aftershave every day and are reluctant to change...don't bother with The Personal Barber because this is not for you.

See you in the next post, and Happy Shaving!