Johnny's Chop Shop Shaving Range Review

You know I like trying new skincare products, and in 2017 the choice of grooming products for men is really large and the quality is extremely high too.
I recently discovered the Johnny's Chop Shop range of shaving products and I have decided to use it everyday for 10 days before writing my review. At the beginning of May I decided to go for the beard look but I didn’t like my look on my Youtube videos. Don’t ask me why but I didn’t like it, so I shaved my beard and since then I've been using Johnny's Chop Shop every day.
Here is my full review of the shaving range. Disclaimer: I purchased these products myself.

Step One: Johnny's Chop Shop FaceWash: The Freshman

The first product that I am using every morning is the Face Wash. They call it The Freshman and it's loaded with natural extracts. This stuff is really fresh and leaves my skin absolutely clean. I didn’t experience any irritation, and once I lather up on wet skin I get the perfect amount of foam: not too much, not too little. I really like this product and the fragrance is really great. That’s the perfect way to start the day. The packaging is very nice and masculine. My only criticism is the lack of Face Scrub. I think it is important to use a scrub once or twice a week, and as Johnny's Chop Shop hasn’t got any on their range, I have to use another brand and that's a shame!

Step two: Johnnys Chop Shop: Shave Foam.

When I was a teenager the first time I shaved I used a foam. Then I got used to Shaving Gel, Cream and Oil, but it has been a long while since I used a foam. Honestly I am very surprised (in a good way) how close and comfy the shave is I can get with this foam. For some reason my face looks cleaner and healthier than ever. The quality of the shave is extremely good, close and I didn’t get any irritation or nasty cuts.

The Johnnys Chop Shop smells great with Aloe and Cooling Menthol. I think this is one of the best shaving products I have ever used. I am really impressed, and it works great with my Wilkinson Sword Hydro Power Razor.

Step three: Johnnys Chop Shop: All purpose Face Balm.

The last product of their range is a Face Balm that you can use day and night and as a post shave too. The texture is very light and I am using it every day as an After Shave Balm. However I find it too light to use as an all day moisturiser. I use another Moisturiser cream after I've applied the All purpose Face Balm. I suppose it will depend on your type of skin, and for some this all in one product will be perfect as an after shave + all day moisturising cream. As an After Shave Balm it is really good and I don’t get any irritation or small spots.

Final thoughts:

You don’t need hundreds of products for a good morning shaving routine, and I think that’s what it's all about with the Johnny's Chop Shop range: simple and effective. Each product works very well, with a nice masculine smell and a fantastic packaging design. The choice of a good razor is also very important, and I am very happy with my Wilkinson Sword Hydro Power Razor. It provides a close shave, without cuts and irritation. I can highly recommend Johnny's Chop Shop. You can find them on Amazon UK or in your local Boots Shop.
Thanks for reading, sharing and liking!