5 Christmas Geeky Gifts for Dads

Let’s admit it! All dads and guys have a geek side and that’s what makes us so lovable! We all know the saying “boys will be boys!” so if your’re looking for a Christmas Gift for the dad or man in your life, this ultimate Geeky gift guide is a great place to start.

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My daughter plays football and I'm her biggest fan

Years ago, young girls didn’t have a lot of choices for after school sports. Thankfully the world has changed a lot and in 2018 it’s a whole different story. Football is becoming a very popular activity for young talented girls in the UK. It is clear to see that girl’s football is getting a lot of attention lately (more and more after school clubs offer girl’s football), and the FA has more and more local girl’s football teams.

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Best Men's fragrances for under £20 Christmas Gift idea

I think it’s when Christmas is approaching that I realise how many premium fragrances/eau de toilettes there are available for men. The choice is endless, and to be honest it is very difficult to stick to one eau de toilette because there are plenty of new ones being launched every month. Today I want to focus on the everyday fragrance because generally it’s always a very affordable product (less than £20) and some of them smell really great. It’s true they don’t last as long as a premium eau de toilettes, but some of them are just amazing.

So, if you are looking for a new affordable eau de toilette, or you are thinking of buying one as a Christmas present for the dad of the house, husband, boyfriend etc…. here are my 5 favourites.

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5 Best Backpacks for Men over 35 (Winter 2019-2019)

In my opinion there is one fashion accessory that every men should have: a backpack (also called rucksack). If you are living an urban life, this type of bag is really great for your daily life: you can fit your gym gear, headphones, wallet, camera accessories, book etc…

So here is my selection of my 5 best backpacks for men over 35 ( winter 2018/winter 2019)

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5 Best Sweatshirts for Men Autumn/Winter 2018

The last few days have been very cold here in Bristol, and some places in the North of the UK have seen some snow too! So it is a sign that winter is coming! And it only means one thing: time to layer up and get some warmer clothes.

A sweatshirt is a very versatile piece of clothing and one of the men favourites. It is a must have for the Autumn/Winter to keep you warm. Here is my selection of the 5 Best Sweatshirts for Men for Autumn/Winter 2018.

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Best SKincare Routine for Men 2018

 A morning skincare routine doesn’t need to be complicated so I am gonna show you some simple steps that every man can follow.

So, there are two types of guy, the one with a beard/stubble and the one that shaves on a daily basis. However the following morning routine is very similar for both and the most important thing is to: moisturise, clean and heal. So let’s start with the routine. 

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